Bibigo & Twosome entered a landmark of Beijing in China, ‘World Trade Center’


Bibigo and Twosome of CJ FoodVille is about to start active marketing to attract minds of the Continent entering World Trade Center together which is a representative landmark and commercial office district.


CJ’s Korean food globalization brand Bibigo ( and a coffee franchise, Twosome Coffee ( announced that Thwsome Coffee opens it shop at China World Trade Center 3 in Choyang province of Beijing in China while Bibigo opens 5th shop and 9th shop there respectively.


China World Trade Center is the highest building in Beijing and a representative commercial office area where approximately 150 companies among world top 500 companies are positioned. Especially in the 1st floor of the building where Bibigo and Twosome are located, world class brands such as Rolex, Franck Muller and Piazza and cinema houses, shopping center, ice-rink, 5 stars hotels and prestigious residence are positioned there. Thus, it is a very famous and popular spot where young people in their 20~30s who have higher purchasing power and foreigners frequently visit. Bibigo and Twosome successfully opened shops at World Trade Center winning a competition with more than 1:10 against world class masterpiece brands. Bibigo, which opened its 5th shop in China following, Redo and Sudo airport of Beijing, will introduce excellence of modern Korean traditional food starting its business with Bibimbap and enhance the popularity of Bibimbap. The 5th shop of Bibigo, by considering that it is a commercial office area where various foreign employees from all over the world, prepared a bar corner where office workers can enjoy simple and modern Korea traditional food and beverages in the morning and Korean menus with simple liquors and cocktail in the evening. In addition, Bibigo also has a plan to provide take out and delivery service in the future so that customers can enjoy Korean traditional food more friendly without any burden.   


Twosome, currently running its shops at Beijing, Shanghai, Syenyang and Tianjin, will enhance competitiveness of ‘Twosome’ continuing to open shops at strategic commercial areas in China where coffee population is rapidly increasing. CJ FoodVille, with these 2 additional shops, came to open a total of 35 shops for 4 brands such as Bibigo, Tous Les Jours, Twosome and Vips in China. A person in CJ FoodVille said “China World Trade Center is the best commercial area to enhance brand identity of Bibigo and Twosome which is about to jump up to the global brands” and “As Tous Les Jours in Guo Mao has already been opened and is under active sales a location 15 m away from Bibigo and Twosome is newly opened, these 3 brands are expected to enhance their brand identifies and maximize synergy between bands”