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food&food service

a delicious day in beautiful time, it is the table that cj wants to give

having taken the lead in korea's food industry for the past 50 years, cj is strengthening its position as the number one in food & food service industry in the domestic market. with its consistent growth and continuous challenge, cj seeks to become a global food & food service company


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Wisdom of life which provides more relaxed time, it is the gift that CJ wants to give.

The service of CJ korea express aims to provide ‘convenience’ for happiness and success enjoyed by customers now and in the future. It is committed to constantly innovating its services for continued growth.


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entertainment & media

The world where all are enjoying plentiful life, it is the world that CJ wants to see.

Presenting Dream, Joy, and Emotional impression. CJ E&M is the domestic largest comprehensive entertainment company in charge of in investment, production, distribution, licensing and export of domestic and foreign films as well as production, ...


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Bio Engineering

Global Food& Bio Company made with talents, technology and speed

CJ biotechnology business is a global top leader in amino acid for animal feed and food additives. CJ will develop itself as a leader in the emerging global bio industry by expanding new bio business through enhancing competitiveness such as developing bio technological material and expanding the size.


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theater cj cgv

World’s Best Platform to Deliver the Impression more than Fims

CGV is the first multiplex chain with the largest screens and chains in Korea. It has raised its competitiveness in terms of band throughthe achievement of number one in ticket sales/revenue/customer satisfaction and leaps toward the global cultural and entertainment


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