CJ Corp. launches Baek Sul Light Canola Oil


With the growing awareness regarding the adverse effects of trans fat and cholesterol, consumer demands for healthy oil are increasing. High quality oils such as olive oil and grapestone oil have a burdening price range. As a result, canola oil is being noticed due to its economical price and healthiness.


Canola oil is made of rapeseed oil, and is also called the Canadian Oil. More than 90 percent of the oil is consisted of unsaturated fatty acids, such as olein acid. This delivers both taste and wellbeing. Canola oil contains large amounts of olien acids, second only to olive oil. It tastes light and fresh, and goes well with salads and dressings. It can also be used in various cuisines as a substitute for cooking oils. Canola oil has a high burning point of 240, which allows for exceptionally crunchy fried cuisines, such as pork cutlets, toasted dumplings, and fried prawns.

The price is slightly costlier than the soybean oil, so it is expected to have a higher consumer response. In America, the canola oil, corn oil, and olive oil consists the majority of the market, and they are also very popular in Japan.


Accordingly, CJ launched the ‘Baek Sul Light Canola Oil’ to target the mid-low priced oil market The ‘Baek Sul Light Canola Oil’ is made of 100% Canadian Canola Oil. It is filtered once more by charcoal, and offers a lighter and fresher taste than regular canola oil. Additionally, canola oil does not spread the oily smell even in high temperatures, and always presents a fresh, savory dish.