CJ Ent.’s Vice CEO Mi Kyung Lee wins the 2006 Women’s World Awards Business Division


CJ Entertainment’s Vice CEO Mi Kyung Lee was selected as the winner of the Women’s World Awards 2006’s Business Awards.

Vice CEO Lee is the first Asian to win the Women’s World Awards.  The awarding ceremony will be on October 14, 2006 (Eastern Time) at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York Manhattan Center.

Oprah Winfrey and Alison Lapper (painter with disability) have won the Women’s World Awards, the Women’s Division of the World Awards which was established by Georg Kindel, an Austrian writer, in 2000.  This year, it selected the third winner.

The World Awards has earned international reputation.  Today, Former President Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia is the chairman and Georg Kindel is the president of the Awards.

The Women’s World Awards, which is bestowed to outstanding women in various fields, was established in 2004 to foster women’s equality and spontaneity and eliminate social and economic discrimination.

The World Awards Committee announced that “Vice CEO Mi Kyung Lee is an outstanding business leader who has led CJ Entertainment to becoming an international brand and demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirits to take it beyond the video industry into the Internet and cable TV.”  

The Committee highly praised her performances by saying, “Vice CEO Lee has concentrated on various volunteer activities, such as supporting the cancer research, and has contributed to introducing Korean culture to the U.S.”

This year’s Women’s World Awards Committee selected 12 winners including Vice President Lee for the Business Division.  Winners include Shana Dale (NANA Deputy Administrator) for the Accomplishment Division, Sharon Stone (actress) for the Charity Division, and Woopi Goldberg (actress) for the Entertainment Division.

The ceremony used to be held in Europe, but this year’s ceremony was held in New York for the first time.  The awarding ceremony will be produced by John Cossette who produces the Grammy’s every year and recorded and broadcasted throughout the world.

The past World Awards and Women’s World Awards winners include: