CGV opens the first Korean Movie Theater in the U.S.


Changed the paradigm of movie industry by introducing the first mutiflex theater in Korea, CJ CGV is on its way to expand to abroad by utilizing its years of management know-hows in operating movie theaters.

CGV made a contract with Madang, The Courtyard on Feb. 1, 2006, located in the Korea Town of LA, to open theaters with 650 seats and 3 screens in 3rd and 4th floor. It also starts to build another theater from this coming October aiming to open it by next June.

As the first movie theater built with purely financed with Korean capital only, CGV Theater in LA will mainly release Korean movies and some other Asian movies. By simultaneously releasing Korean movies both in Korea and the U.S., which is different from other contemporary theaters, it will introduce Korean movies to Americans as well as Korean Americans so that they can enjoy the movie without any time-delay.