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CJ CheilJedang’s frozen rice rebranded as ‘Hetbahn Cookbahn’… celebrating the launch of new and renewed products


J CheilJedang’s frozen rice rebranded as ‘Hetbahn Cookbahn’

The frozen rice lineup now incorporated into the Hetbahn brand… expanding its home-cooked food product portfolio and strengthening the brand image as a rice processing specialist.

CJ CheilJedang’s frozen rice gets a makeover as part of the ‘Hetbahn’ brand.

CJ CheilJedang announced on the 20th that its Bibigo frozen rice products have been added to the ‘Hetbahn Cookbahn' brand and that it launched four new types of rice balls and three renewed types of fried rice.

Released 4 new types of rice balls and 3 types of renewed fried rice… incorporating 26 years of Hetbahn know-how on high-temperature cooking for best tasting rice grains.

‘Buldak Mayo Rice Ball,' 'Tuna Mayo Rice Ball,' 'Spam Kimchi Rice Ball,' and 'Chicken Garlic Mayo Rice Ball' are the four newly launched ‘Hetbahn Cookbahn’ rice balls. These rice balls target the MZ generation incorporating various flavors using mayonnaise and Spam with the added crispiness of scorched rice.

Three existing ‘Hetbahn Cookbahn’ products were also renewed. The microwavable 'Hetbahn Cookbahn Shrimp Fried Rice,' 'Hetbahn Cookbahn Chicken Ribs Fried Rice,' and 'Hetbahn Cookbahn Chadol Kkakdugi Fried Rice' now offer an enriched texture of the rice grain, mimicking the texture of cooked-on-the-stove fried rice. The size and type of ingredients that go in the fried rice were also assorted to a greater degree for enhanced texture and color.

These products have implemented Hetbahn's 26 years of know-how, including the optimized water-rice mixing ratios for each menu item, the high-temperature cooking technology, as well as the oil coating technology, to create fluffy rice grains that have a soft, moist texture. With the launch of this product, 11 types of rice balls and 11 types of fried rice and bibimbap now make up the ‘Hetbahn Cookbahn’ product lineup.

According to a CJ CheilJedang official, "We have incorporated Hetbahn’s cooking technologies into CJ CheilJedang's frozen rice products, which have been loved by consumers for their unique flavors and quality as well as the easy cooking directions, to deliver better, healthier tastes. We will continue to develop a variety of convenient, delicious meals.”