The Opening of the 2nd CJ Asian Indi Film Festival


‘The 2nd CJ Asian Indi Film Festival,’ that is cosponsored by CJ Entertainment, CJ CGV, and the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video, will be opened following the last year. The 2nd CJ Asian Indi Film Festival will show approximately sixty screen achievements from more than 10 countries in Yongsan CGV from Nov. 3rd to 10th under the slogan of ‘FUN INDI!’


The CJ Asian Indi Film Festival is a non-competitive international film festival that carefully selects various films among shown films from ‘The Asia Movie’s Window’ section and ‘The New Wave’ section in Pusan International Movie Festival every year. Once movies are selected, it imports and shows for the public promotion. Especially this year’s festival provides more programs for people to enjoy not only domestic & foreign short films but various animations for children. In addition, it is going to induce people’s attention and participation by setting ‘Asian Street’ in CGV Yongsan. For more information, please refer to the official web-site of CJ Asian Indi Film Festival (