The official invitation of CJ Foodville ‘Hancook\'





 Hancook, the Korean Family Restaurant of CJ Foodville, will be invited to the Labor Day event of AMCHAM (The America Chamber of Commerce in Korea) and publicize Korean food to many foreign residents in Korea. The event will be held in Icheon, Kyunggi Province on September. 3rd and it is the first Korean brand to partake. In this event, Hancook will provide Pork Barbeque with red pepper paste, Jap-chae, pan-fried bean curd (Dooboo Jeon), and Kimchi. Especially, there will be an instant sampling party with a bean curd product from CJ Well-being called “Happy Bean.” The product will be introduced with cooked and uncooked dish. More than 2000 members and families of AMCHAM are expected to participate for the Labor Day Event, and it is going to be a good chance to introduce the charm of Korean food to the world.