CJ Logistics creates a ‘Korean wave of parcel service’ to become No. 1 in Thailand


- Declaration of vision in the Thai parcel delivery business, announcing the future vision to become No. 1 in parcel delivery business

- Export of Korean parcel delivery platform to create the ‘Korean wave of parcel service’ in Southeast Asia

- Expansion of local network, establishment of a central distribution center, increase of delivery personnel by up to 4,300

CJ Logistics hits its stride in expanding the local parcel delivery business, aiming to become No. 1 in Thailand. The plan is to create a ‘Korean wave of parcel service’ in Southeast Asia including Thailand by exporting the Korean parcel delivery platform.On November 29, CJ Logistics (CEO Park Keun-Tae) announced on the 1st that it has declared the future vision to become the leader in parcel delivery at the declaration of vision in the Thai parcel delivery business with over 100 employees from the headquarters and Thailand in attendance at IMPACT Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

“We’ve been focusing on the Thai parcel delivery market due to its e-commerce market that anticipates double-digit growth every year and young consumers that are deeply in tune with the mobile environment,” said CJ Logistics Parcel Business Unit Director Cha Dong-Ho. “We will become the leading parcel delivery company in Thailand by providing innovative global-level services that can wow customers.”

Accordingly, CJ Logistics decided to expand the local parcel business based on the vision of securing the foundation to become No. 1 in parcel business of Thailand by 2020.

To begin with, the company will establish the 71,900㎡ (22,000 pyeong) central distribution center (CDC) in Bang Na, Thailand by May 2019. With the automated sorting device wheel sorter, the company will be able to handle as many as 400,000 boxes a day, which is 10 times more than the current amount.

CJ Logistics will also expand the local network and workforce. With 74 branches, CJ Logistics will additionally establish 16 more branches nationwide this year including the capital Bangkok, and increase the number up to 200 branches by 2020 including major cities of Thailand. The delivery capacity will also be reinforced by increasing the number of delivery personnel from 630 to 4,300.

Moreover, the company will further develop the current services and operating systems such as the delivery system proved by the business in Korea, smartphone app for delivery personnel based on advanced logistics IT, and the package tracking system.

CJ Logistics plans to trigger a Korean wave in parcel business as well beyond culture in Southeast Asia with high growth potential by providing customized services through the localization of the parcel delivery platform that has secured outstanding competency in Korea. The proclamation of vision in Thailand was the onset of such a grand plan.

Thailand is considered the hub of logistics as it is the second-biggest country in terms of economy in ASEAN and is located at the center of Indochina. Last year, its logistics market size was approximately 5.4 trillion won. In particular, the e-commerce market is exhibiting annual average growth of at least 20%, which signals the potential for high growth of the parcel delivery business as well.

CJ Logistics has entered the logistics business in Thailand in 1998 and is operating logistics centers for multinational and local companies and providing comprehensive logistics services such as corporate logistics, container transport, international maritime and air transport, and parcel delivery. The company began the parcel delivery business in 2012.