CJ begins hiring of college graduates on September 5! Reinforcing job-oriented recruiting


CJ Group will openly recruit new college graduates for its eight major affiliates, e.g. CJ CheilJedang, CJ Logistics and CJ E&M, in the second half of this year. Those who are scheduled to be graduating in February 2019 and those who have a 4-year bachelor’s or higher degree can apply, and applications can be submitted from September 5 till 6:00 pm on September 17 through the CJ Group recruiting website and mobile site.

Those who pass the document screening will go through test screening in mid-October, and the staff and executive interviews from the end of October to the end of November. Successful candidates will be announced in early December. In particular, starting with the open recruiting in the second half, AI document screening and evaluation tools will be introduced, and examiners can now review the applicants’ documents more carefully. Also, to reduce the applicants’ excessive burden with regard to the preparations they must make, CJ Group excluded humanities literacy from CJ Cognitive Ability Test and CJ Aptitude Test (CAT&CJAT).

- Reinforcing job competency-oriented recruiting, e.g. respect screening and job differentiation interview

▲CJ Group employees appearing on JOB TV, which introduces the representative jobs of CJ affiliates in a brief video

When hiring new employees, CJ Group regards the job fitness of applicants as being one of the most important aspects of selection criteria. It is planning to continue forth with its job competency-centered recruiting.
Firstly, it extends respect screening, which it first introduced last year, to various jobs, e.g. CJ CheilJedang food sales, CJ ENM E&M Division concert production and CGV Multiplex managers. Respect screening refers to the blind recruiting system in which what is so-called specs in Korea, for example, academic background, GPA and English scores are not to be included in the application form.

Also, the job differentiation interview for practical job performance verification will become more diversified. The job differentiation interview is the independent interview approach of CJ Group which is carrying out various creative businesses. A good example is the audition interview of the Production Director job group of CJ ENM E&M Division, and CJ is continuously expanding the interview methods suited for job characteristics, like CJ CheilJedang R&D expertise interview, and the menu evaluation by CJ Foodville product development job group.

- Introduced AI Chatbot Service, for the first time in history, leading the application-oriented recruiting culture like JOB TV for entry-level jobs

▲For the 2018 second-half recruiting of new employees, CJ Group introduces the representative jobs of each affiliate that applicants are most curious about through JOB TV

CJ Group held the online recruitment fair, which removed temporal and spatial restrictions, back in 2015, which was a first in the industry. It is now pioneering applicant-oriented recruiting culture. In the second half of 2018, CJ Group will introduce the AI Chatbot service, i.e. CJ Applicants Helper which answers questions about recruitment 24 hours a day, for the first time in the industry. Applicants can click the CJ Applicants Helper on the CJ Group recruiting website and mobile site to ask questions and get answers in real time.

In addition, JOB TV introduces the representative jobs of each affiliate that applicants are most curious about in a brief video in a similar form as DIA TV, CJ ENM’s solo creator support business. You can view JOB TV through the CJ Group recruiting website and its YouTube channel.

“The future business of CJ is focused on aptitude-centered talent recruiting based on the philosophy of ‘All that matters is people.’” stated a CJ Group official. “I hope that many talented individuals, who will jointly make World-best CJ, in essence, a global leader in 3 or more businesses in 2030, will apply.”