Beauty celebs and brands, Get It Beauty Con!


Is it a fan sign meeting of idol groups like H.O.T. or BTS? Last Saturday afternoon, COEX, Seoul was packed with more women than usual. Out of curiosity, I went there and found that it was 'Get It Beauty Con'! Get It Beauty Con is Korea's first beauty festival co-hosted by OnStyle and DIA TV from March 9 (Fri) to 11 (Sun) for three days. From beauty influencers from your YouTube favorite list to the filming of OnStyle's popular beauty show 'Get It Beauty,' there were so many contents that were sure to capture the hearts of "beauty enthusiasts". So, let's take a closer look at 'Get It Beauty Con', which was held for the first time this year.

- Start a journey to find how to be pretty in your own way!

▲ Click! A photo shoot at the entrance!

▲ The Get It Beauty Con venue was overflowing with people.

It was Saturday. I opened my phone for research about Get It Beauty Con, which is said to be Korea's first offline beauty festival. Social media was already loading up with many pictures tagged with '#Get It Beauty Con' from the Friday visitors. Online news articles said that the event was jam-packed even on its first day with some beauty influencers such as model Yoon-ju Jang, actress Ji-hyo Song and model Hae-na Song appearing at the event.

I arrived at COEX at 10:30 a.m. The event was slated to start thirty minutes later, but there was already a long line of people that had formed. Entering the site, I found so many contents that would definitely excite beauty fans. From a diagnosis zone where you can check your skin condition and receive advice on personal colors to a social lounge where you can talk with beauty creators that one could usually only see from videos on their smartphone or computer. I thought even those who are not interested in beauty would find themselves losing track of time there.

- GET IT BEAUTY SHOW: The main event of Get It Beauty Con

Be a part of a TV show audience! #Get It Beauty Show

▲ Yoon-ju Jang, a host of Get It Beauty Season 11

At 11:00 AM, many women were suddenly rushing in a certain direction.
I instinctively followed them, guessing that some celeb might have arrived, but what I saw there was the filming of Get it Beauty! Having started in 2007, Get it Beauty is a popular long-running beauty show that marks its 11th season this year. At the shooting location was not only the show's host Yoon-ju Jang but also influencers Soo-mi Kim and Ga-bi Moon. On that day, the stage also welcomed makeup artist Shinae and Pilates teacher and TV personality Jeong-won Yang.

▲ Influencer Soo-mi Kim is demonstrating makeup on the audience.

The filming outside the studio enabled some special moments of communication with the audience. In particular, influencer Soo-mi Kim introduced her beauty know-how and performed a makeup demonstration with the audience outside the stage.

▲ Influencer Soo-mi Kim (Top) and makeup artist Shinae (Bottom) who are introducing makeup trends.

The show introduced influencer Soo-mi Kim's 'Glossy Highlight Makeup' and makeup artist Shinae's 'Natural Dewy Base Makeup'. They introduced makeup trends that are popular both online and offline with their own know-how. The audience looked completely engrossed when taking notes or photos as it was a chance to see the makeup process that they usually watched only on TV or YouTube.

▲ Influencer Ga-bi Moon is demonstrating various muscle exercise moves.

The next was influencer Ga-bi Moon's exercise session. Ga-bi Moon, who has a healthy and beautiful body built from exercise, is demonstrating various muscle exercise moves including squats. Ga-bi Moon, wearing a hot pink sweatsuit, is demonstrating exercise moves with passion, impressing the audience that is giving back to her with applause.

- Your favorite beauty show with beauty creators!

What is the best long-lasting lipstick? #Calary Girl's Best Long-lasting Lipstick Competition!

▲ Beauty creator Calary Girl is hosting the Best Long-lasting Lipstick Competition.

The next event on the main stage was the Best Long-lasting Lipstick Competition hosted by beauty creator Calary Girl. What is the most popular makeup item for women? it’s lipstick, of course! One of the things you should consider when you choose a lipstick is its enduring properties. Calary Girl prepared the Best Long-lasting Lipstick Competition for your lips that will be sure to last all day long.

▲ Calary Girl is performing a test with five participants

Calary Girl selected five people from the audience and had them apply one of the lipsticks and consume a hamburger and water and tested how much each lipstick applied on the cup. The audience paid close attention to this lipstick competition among very famous brands. They were so immersed that you couldn’t even hear a single ringing smartphone throughout the test.

What is the secret to becoming pretty in my own way? #Risabae's Quiz Competition for Being Pretty in Your Own Way

▲ Risabae is hosting the Quiz Competition for Being Pretty in Your Own Way.

The next event on the main stage was the Quiz Competition for Being Pretty in Your Own Way hosted by Risabae, who is also referred to as "God-sabae" or "Heung (exciting)-sabae". On the stage appeared Risabae, a popular YouTuber who is well known for her pretty face, witty words and great emceeing skill. She prepared a quiz competition about beauty tips she had introduced through her YouTube videos, including "Five tips using a transparent mascara?" and "Three habits to avoid skin troubles?" I could realize how popular she was when I saw many people raise their hand to ask a question. 'God-sabae' is real! Heung-sabae! Risabae!

▲ Risabae partook in various missions with the audience.

People who answered the quiz stepped onto the stage and played out small missions with Risabae. They took on a mission they picked from a draw, such as "Drink a glass of water without leaving a lipstick mark" or "Say 5 beauty items in 10 seconds", and received gifts. Everyone seemed to envy them when they played with 'beauty idol' Risabae and took home something memorable.

Social Lounge for direct communication with the audience - #Hanbyul's Q&A Session

▲ Beauty influencer Hanbyul is giving a Q&A session.

Social Lounge for special meetings with popular beauty influencers was also bustling with fans. It was also the only place where the audience could communicate with beauty influencers within the closest proximity and at the same eye level. What attracted the most audience members there was beauty influencer Hanbyul's Q&A Session. In this event, the audience asked questions and Hanbyul gave answers and advice. To her fans, it was also a great chance to ask questions about her, such as "What was the most memorable comment about your Instagram events?”

▲ Risabae is demonstrating makeup on her own face.

In addition to Risabae, other popular beauty influencers such as Liah Yoo and Calary Girl communicated with their fans with their unique beauty contents. She was passionate enough to demonstrate her beauty know-how she had not unveiled yet on her own face! Fans asked about beauty tips and some fans did not hesitate to ask about some aspects of the private lives of these influencers. Fortunately, they were professional enough to deftly evade such questions with skill.

- Beauty contents you can enjoy offline

Learn about Myself - #Mirror Zone

▲ Mirror Zone, a beauty experience gateway!

Mirror Zone surrounded by mirrors! The first gateway to beauty is to learn about oneself. What matters the most is to learn exactly what should be improved in one’s appearance and select the right cosmetics for you. In this sense, Mirror Zone was perfect for being the first gateway of Get It Beauty Con and experiential content.

Diagnose Your Skin - #Diagnosis Zone

▲ What is the score for my skin condition? Check it out in Diagnosis Zone!

If you enter inside after passing the Mirror Zone, you can find a zone crowded with many visitors, which is the Diagnosis Zone. This is the hottest experiential content zone in Get it Beauty Con. With over 100 cutting-edge devices, you can measure your skin conditions and receive a diagnosis of your personal color, such as 'spring warm' or 'summer cool.' Many beauty enthusiasts participated in their own diagnosis.

If you press the switch and situate the device on your facial skin, the machine displays details of your skin condition. You can check your skin conditions from moisture to elasticity and learn about your skin color and tone such as spring warm and summer cool. This zone provided great convenience and usefulness to the audience as they could instantly find their skin condition that usually could only have been checked at dermatologists or famous cosmetic brand shops.

Find the right cosmetics for you #Curation Zone

▲ What is the right cosmetics for me? 'Curation Zone'

The first question that comes to mind after watching the results of skin diagnosis is "What is the right cosmetics for me?” As if it were there to answer this very question, Curation Zone welcomed the audience with open arms. This zone presents every cosmetic product that went viral online and offline including at O’live Young and via social media. The zone displayed all kinds of products ranging from basic care for specific skin types such as dry and oily skin to color makeup that matches with warm or cool tones. The audience looked to have a great time testing various products.

#Beauty Play Zone - Where you can experience and enjoy shopping for beauty items

▲ 'Beauty Play Zone' where you can experience makeup trends

This year's Get it Beauty Con presented many noticeable experiential booths, and in particular, the Beauty Play Zone was constantly packed. There, the visitors could have some fun tasting and experiencing various brands and products, including mask packs, color makeup, chicken breasts and diet beverages. To me, this zone doubled the fun of the event, allowing people to snap photos with good-looking foreign models and experiencing the latest makeup trends.

Get It Beauty was a place where consumers, celebs, beauty influencers and beauty brands all came together and 'played' contents. Launched for the first time this year, this beauty festival was visited by over 30,000 people over the span of just three days. Many visitors showed a favorable response about Get It Beauty Con by Liking the festival on different social media sites. Just like the longest-running beauty program 'Get it Beauty', I hope that this year's Get It Beauty Con becomes the beginning of a long-cherished festival.