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CJLogistics's Silver Delivery, 20 million boxes


- The annual amount of deliveries has increased every year from 700,000 boxes in the first year to 8 million this year, exceeding cumulative 20 million boxes
- Creating 1,300 jobs for the elderly from 160 bases across the nation, with a high satisfaction level among Silver Delivery Service Persons
- Became the first Korean company to be in the Fortune Change the World list

The number of boxes delivered by CJ Logistics's Silver Delivery Service Persons exceeded the 20 million mark.

CJ Logistics (CEO & President Park Geun-Tae) announced on the 11th that the number of boxes delivered by elderly delivery persons from Silver Delivery Service, a representative CSV model of the company, has exceeded 20 million.

Silver Delivery Service is a business model in which a delivery vehicle ships packages to some point in the apartment complex and senior citizens pick them up and deliver to each family using an eco-friendly motorized cart. This service is creating high social values by creating quality jobs for the elderly and contributing to tackling the issue of poverty that many of them face, which are required in our aging society. The company can improve the quality of its delivery service by securing a community-friendly delivery service network in apartment complexes. This is a CSV model that enables both the company and society to win.

To realize its three core values, job, eco-friendliness and contribution to communities, CJ Logistics developed the Silver Delivery Service model and has been actively carrying it out. Since the company signed an MOU with the Ministry of Health and Welfare for creating jobs for the elderly in 2013, it has continuously created jobs for senior citizens through agreements with many local governments including Seoul, Busan, Incheon and Jeollanam-do.

Initially launched in Yeonje-gu, Busan, the Silver Delivery Service started with 4 bases and 41 delivery persons. Then, with the growth of the business driven by the increasing transactions of delivery service derived from the vitalization of e-commerce, a rise in the elderly population who want to get a job after retirement and collaborations between businesses and local governments to create jobs, now the Silver Delivery Service runs as many as 160 bases and 1,300 delivery persons across the country.

The annual amount of deliveries performed by Silver Delivery Service Persons has continuously increased, starting from 700,000 boxes in the first year to 8 million this year, with the cumulative amount of deliveries to date reaching 20 million boxes. This means that all Seoul citizens (population of 9.91 million) have used this kind of delivery service at least twice.

The Silver Delivery Service is becoming a representative CSV model of CJ Group. CJ Group Chairman Lee Jay-Hyun emphasized the importance of CSV in his speech for THE CJ CUP@NINE BRIDGES, Korea's first regular PGA golf tournament. "Sharing profits with communities through social contribution activities is very important. CJ Group calls this CSV," said Chairman Lee, highlighting the Silver Delivery Service project by CJ Logistics for providing jobs to retired citizens.

What makes the Silver Delivery Service different is that it leads to close cooperation with many members of society, including companies, communities and public agencies, to create jobs for the elderly. Through this collaboration, CJ Logistics supplies delivery service work stably through its human and physical infrastructure and cutting-edge logistics systems and also provides eco-friendly delivery equipment, while local governments provide administrative and budgetary support and Korea Older Worker Development Institute provides the elderly workers and training.

In particular, CJ Logistics has established a win-win cluster with small and mid-sized businesses to co-develop and provide an eco-friendly motorized cart that does not emit greenhouse gases, putting into practice "green logistics."

CJ Logistics’s Silver Delivery Service is being spotlighted at home and abroad as a best practice for shared growth between business and society. Recently, the company was selected for the Change the World 50 list by Fortune, the world's most renowned economic magazine, for the first time among Korean companies, and also won the Porter Prize for Excellence in CSV for contributing to creating shared values, following its winning of the same in 2015.

A survey showed that Silver Delivery Service Persons exhibited a very high level of satisfaction. This is because they work only 3 to 4 hours a day, delivering just 50 to 60 packages, and earning stable income thanks to continued work orders, thus giving them a long-term job. It is also reported that the delivery service gives the elderly workers opportunities to talk with colleagues and residents, regain social relationships and feel a sense of belonging as an active member of society.

A CJ Logistics official said, "The Silver Delivery Service model developed through private-public collaboration is becoming a vital solution for responding to the needs of our aging society by creating quality jobs for the elderly and tackling the issue of poverty many of them face. Under our founding spirit of serving the nation through business, we will pursue sustainable shared growth with our partners and socially disadvantaged neighbors and strive to create a healthy industrial ecosystem.”