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A Twosome Place Launches Its Twosome Mobile App


A Twosome Place announced the launch of its Twosome mobile app,
which makes payments more convenient and offers a wide range of benefits.

- 3 different features — Rewards, Frequency, and My Card — available on the launch screen; swipe between them with speed and ease!
- Linking to your CJ ONE account and points; CJ ONE Members do not have to sign up separately!
- One CUP gained for every 1,000 won spent; a variety of benefits provided, including level-based 1+1 coupons and free drink coupons for anniversaries

May 29th, 2017. On May 29th, premium dessert café A Twosome Place (www.twosome.co.kr) announced the launch of its Twosome mobile app, which makes payments more convenient and offers a wide range of benefits.

The Twosome mobile app is a mobile membership service that provides frequent A Twosome Place customers with a variety of benefits. With the app, not only can you make instant payments with prepaid cards, but you can also view the number of purchases made and search for nearby A Twosome Place stores. If you are a member of CJ Group’s integrated membership service “CJ ONE,” you can use the app without even signing up by linking your CJ ONE account and points to it.

The app provides direct access to the following features on its launch screen: “Rewards,” which allows you to view your level and the benefits available for you, “Frequency,” through which allows you to join events and receive gifts, and My Card, which allows you to register prepaid cards and give gifts to friends. You can switch between the features with speed and ease by merely swiping your finger. In addition to that, the moving icons also provide visual fun.

Once you have registered your prepaid card in the app, your membership level will advance from Seed to Leaf to Cherry based on the total amount of money spent. The unit of accumulation for the app is called CUP, and you gain one CUP for every 1,000 won spent. From level Leaf onwards, you get a free cup of coffee for every 70 CUPs accumulated. As your membership level advances, you can receive increasingly diverse benefits, including 1+1 drink coupons, free drink coupons for anniversaries, and additional points.

When you first top up your prepaid card, the minimum amount is 5,000 won. Afterward, you can top it up with as much as 500,000 won in increments of 10,000 won. For those who frequently visit A Twosome Place stores, using the "specified lower limit auto top-up" and "monthly fixed amount auto top-up" options are recommended. The “specified lower limit auto top-up” option automatically tops up your specified amount when the balance on your card falls below that amount, and “monthly fixed amount auto top-up” option automatically tops up a fixed amount on your specified date each month. From June 15th onward, A Twosome Place will sell real-life prepaid cards at its all locations.

In addition, to celebrate the launch of the app, A Twosome Place will run various customer events. The first 30,000 customers to download the app as well as all customers who register their prepaid cards are eligible for free Americano coupons. Until June 30, A Twosome Place will also run a Frequency event where every customer who purchases five products including bingsu (Korean shaved ice) is given a free American coupon.

To download the Twosome mobile, search for A Twosome Place in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

"With the launch of the Twosome app, we will further expand the benefits provided to our loyal customers and will lead them to consume smartly through our mobile services,” said an official from A Twosome Place. “Just as coffee trees grow in good soil and a good climate, we will sincerely repay the love of our customers which forms the basis for us operating our brand.”