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The amazing global taste experience at VIPS


The amazing global taste experience at VIPS in Hongdae! VIPS World Food Market serving various flavors from around the world

What makes you excited the most on a day when you’re visiting a market? Some would say that it’s the moment when they taste delicacies which they can enjoy only on a market day. It is no exaggeration to say that eating is one of the true pleasures to be had when visiting a market. This kind of pleasure seems to please people in every country!

Especially when at the World Food Market where you can instantly enjoy fresh seafood, a place surely to be loved by everyone. This autumn at VIPS is now richer thanks to its various seafood menu selections! Let's take a gourmet trip to VIPS in Hongdae to experience a range of market day cuisines from many countries around the world.

Autumn is the season of seafood! VIPS Hongdae food offerings look all the more tempting due to its range of seafood

▲ A delectable tour of fresh seafood at VIPS Hongdae

VIPS brings happiness to customers with its ever-changing concepts and tasty pleasures. The new concept that VIPS brought to us this autumn is the World Food Market. VIPS will serve you delicacies from many famous marketplaces around the world.

Following VIPS Hongdae, VIPS Aju University, VIPS Dogok and VIPS Uijeongbu Howon, VIPS Gongneung, VIPS Deungchon, VIPS Bulgwang and VIPS Jukjeon will join the event in October. By the end of this year, over 30 VIPS restaurants across the nation will have operated the World Food Market.

▲ Let's go to VIPS Hongdae!

At the exquisite heart of VIPS World Food Market is seafood. Isn't it exciting to imagine tasting fresh seafood at VIPS? "Tasting is believing!" Now let's explore the sea-colored delights of VIPS World Food Market!

VIPS World Food Market blends fresh taste and health

▲ Are you ready to enjoy marketplace delicacies from all around the world?

VIPS Hongdae is home to a spacious 300-seat seating environment! I discovered this place after hearing about its reputation; it is a newly rising "it" place among Hongdae fashionistas. You can embark on a world tour of tastes here!

▲ A feast of seafood delights from around the world!

The World Food Market by VIPS consists of four markets: The Tsukiji market of Japan that is renowned for its fresh and succulent seafood, the Chatuchak market of Thailand that showcases the country as being a heaven of flavors, the Boqueria market of Spain featuring a variety of treats created by wholesome seafood and olive oil, and the Firenze market of Italy where you can enjoy the authentic tastes of popular Italian dishes such as pizza and pasta.

▲ Welcome to the Tsukiji market, which starts the day in Japan.

The first part of the World Food Market that I visited was the Tsukiji market of Japan. This corner serves ten kinds of sushi using fresh fish and fried tofu. Don't these freshly-made sushi selections look fresh and yummy? One secret about the market's sushi! As there is no wasabi inside sushi, you can enjoy sushi as you like by adjusting the amount of wasabi.

▲ Various kinds of sushi looking glittery and tasty!

▲ For salmon lovers, it doesn’t get any better than this

▲ Salmon Carpaccio that delivers the pure taste of salmon

In particular, salmon lovers can find themselves in heaven upon setting foot in VIPS. In the Tsukiji market corner, I tasted two kinds of salmon sushi as well as salmon carpaccio. VIPS' salmon never leaves me feeling disappointed! I really enjoyed my time there sampling delectable salmon!

▲ The special taste of the food you make for yourself! Japanese Donburi Corner

There is also a corner where you can instantly make your own donburi, so I gave it a shot. You can choose from three recipes: Chicken Mayo Donburi, Chicken Streusel Donburi and Flying Fish Roe Mayo Donburi. You can choose ingredients according to a given recipe, plus as many additional ingredients as you want, leaving you with a taste that is just wonderful. Forgetting that donburi is only part of the overall salad bar meal, I almost made a mistake to have another bowl of donburi!

▲ The authentic flavors and style of Thailand! The Chatuchak market

The next corner I headed for was Thailand! The main menu selection of the Chatuchak market corner consists of five different satay skewers. You can also choose Coconut Milk Red Curry and Khao Phat, a form of Thai fried rice. A truly compelling menu!

▲ You might instantly begin looking for a glass of beer to go with these enticing skewers!

While eating chicken satay, tomato satay and mushroom satay, seasoned with authentic Thai sauces, I felt a craving for a glass of beer! Perfect timing! I found an ongoing event where one can get free beer by uploading a photo of World Food Market on Instagram. And this is how I was able to set myself up with a free beer!

▲ Just of the hit menu selections of the World Food Market - Skewers!

▲ Coconut Milk Red Curry and Khao Phat, which is sure to stimulate anyone’s taste buds with their nice and mild flavors

After arousing my appetite with the skewers, I then tried Coconut Milk Red Curry. Wow! So this is the authentic taste of Thailand that I heard about! When adding a spoon of Khao Phat to the skewer, feelings of exoticness flowed over me like a wave!

The feelings of having a mouthful of sweet and spicy food made my mind drift and made me think of sweating in a street in Bangkok on a hot day. The essence of Bangkok!

▲ The finest cuisine created by fresh seafood and fire!

▲ The lingering taste of Paella that will not soon leave your mind or your mouth!

The Boqueria market in Spain is famous for its various forms of Spanish cuisine made of seafood. I tasted Seafood Paella, Seafood Fritos and sweet Barcelona Churros in the Boqueria market corner.

▲ You may find yourself unable to hold yourself back from eating Seafood Fritos!

One can only assume that the Boqueria market corner is surely the favorite corner for seafood lovers. This attractive corner serves a variety of seafood dishes and the atmosphere reminded me of the time when I traveled Europe alone.

Two exotic offerings here were especially yummy! Seafood Paella stimulated my appetite with Jambalaya sauce and spicy jalapenos, while Seafood Fritos opened me up to a new and amazing taste with a white BBQ sauce.

▲ Crispy and sweet Barcelona Churros are the embodiment of "LOVE"!

Barcelona Churros, boasting of their crispy and sweet taste of fries, were an excellent dessert that comes with either a chocolate or ice cream dip.

▲ This is a real, genuine tastes of Italy - Warm and crispy forno-roasted pizza!

The highlight of the Firenze market corner was the forno-roasted pizza that had just come out of the oven. The competition over the pizzas being cranked out by the chef grew more intense from the moment that he began to slide them out and slice them up!

I could taste Gamberi Arrabbiata Pizza featuring a fresh and spicy tomato sauce that is primed to stimulate anyone’s appetite and the Cranberry Gorgonzola Pizza that features excellent cheese flavors. The Cranberry Gorgonzola Pizza was unique, topped with cranberries and walnuts - it was both a pizza and a good dessert at the same time.

Form sweet and sumptuous memories at VIPS Hongdae!

▲ Have a bite of thick and dark crazy melting chocolate!

Although I already had gorged myself on so much, I could not resist the temptation of having some sweet dessert! You can only be truly satisfied after enjoying the sweet taste of dessert! I chose Crazy Melting Choco and Chocolate Cake for my dessert. Plus an azuki bean ice dessert and a cup of coffee to liven up my taste buds!

▲ The chocolate cake with a deep, sweet taste that is perfectly suited for the autumn season

Despite the ultra-sweet taste of Crazy Melting Choco and Chocolate Cake, I could not help myself from practically inhaling it all in. A perfect way to usher in the autumn season. Take a sip of coffee, then a bite of Chocolate Cake, and take another sip of coffee, then a bite of Melting Choco!

With my thoughts engrossed in how overly sweet it was, I did not let up. The sweet and deep taste of chocolate blended perfectly with the flavor of coffee. Two thumbs up for Crazy Melting Choco and its soft melting chocolate on the chewy chocolate bread!

▲ Join the VIPS World Food Market, a world tour of flavors!

My journey to VIPS Hongdae finally came to a close. Delectable food brings us pleasure, happiness and good memories. When we recollect a trip we had in the past, we not only recall the beautiful scenery but we also remember all the nice food we enjoyed at that time.

If you are too busy to take a trip to a faraway land, how about going to the VIPS World Food Market to enjoy a short but pleasant trip with nice seafood? Make some sweet and delicious memories at VIPS World Food Market rather than heading off to a distant destination!