NBC, Better Late Than Never is off to a good start


NBC "Better Late Than Never", an adaptation of the popular Korean "Grandpas Over Flowers" is off to a good start!

The popular Korean "Grandpas Over Flowers" series has garnered some positive attention once again, this time in the U.S. NBC's "Better Late Than Never", an adaptation of tvN's "Grandpas Over Flowers" series, is off to a good start, recording a high viewer rating.

"Grandpas Over Flowers" captivated viewers in the U.S. as well

"Grandpas Over Flowers" became the first variety TV show to sell its format to NBC, an American terrestrial broadcaster.

The title of the American "Grandpas Over Flowers" is "Better Late Than Never". After two years of production, the show, the first adaptation of Korean TV content in America, was premiered in prime time, receiving a great deal of attention.

According to viewer rating research company, Nielsen, the first episode of "Better Late Than Never" that aired on NBC recorded 7.35 million viewers between the ages of 18 to 49, topping the list among all other programs airing in the same time slot.

The show was also ranked second among the daily viewer ratings, following NBC's America's Got Talent (11.07 million viewers). 7.35 million viewers for a premiere is a very encouraging sign that this show is going to be a hit.

This is also the highest viewer rating among all new TV premieres this summer.

▲ The trailer of NBC's "Better Late Than Never"

While the original Korean show featured four great actors: Lee Soon-Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun-Hyung and Baek Il-Seop, and actor Lee Seo-Jin as the "bag carrier", the cast of "Better Late Than Never" includes actor Henry Winkler from the 70's sitcom "Happy Days", actor William Shatner who starred as Capt. Kirk in Star Trek, former football star Terry Bradshaw, and former boxing Olympic gold medalist George Foreman, as well as comedian Jeff Dye, who will take on the role as the "bag carrier".

The reality show features a total of four episodes that were shot in six cities in four Asian countries (Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand). The exotic cultural experience of the old celebrities traveling in Asia will certainly bring some fresh fun to viewers.

In the first episode, the five men can be seen traveling in Tokyo and near Fuji Mountain and experience unique Asian culture through their accommodations and dining.

The show is said to have captured viewers' attention with some clashes caused by the cast's different personalities as well as funny games they play during their travel.

Many American celebrities also exhibited their keen interest in the show. Famed singer and judge of American Idol and X-Factor Paula Abdul said on social media, "I am really enjoying this!" Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, the co-host for American Ninja Warrior, commented that the show is "hilarious", and Sally Jessy Raphael, the host for famous talk show "Sally", said, "If you do a women's version, count me in!"

Producer Na Young-Seok from CJ E&M, the production company of "Grandpas Over Flowers" said, "I am so happy that the show was well received. I was worried if the show would be able to win the sympathy from American viewers as it the original possessed somewhat Oriental aspects of sentiment from old men traveling around. I feel so great that the show has been proven to be enjoyed globally."

Meanwhile, CJ E&M has successfully exported the format of many other shows in addition to "Grandpas Over Flowers", including "I Can See Your Voice", "Let Me In" and "Misaeng", taking the lead in the exporting of Korean broadcast contents.