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A variety of delicacies around Seoul Station!


A variety of delicacies around Seoul Station! A tasty journey with CJ, from Season's Table to The Place

▲ A Map of CJ Recommended Restaurants around Seoul Station

Seoul Station is the hub of travel and meetings. Situated in the middle of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, this station is the place where travel begins and ends. In the surrounding area, famed restaurants such as Season's Table and Cheil Jemyunso recently opened. In addition, The Place, bibigo and A Twosome Place are located in Seoul Square in front of Seoul Station, which is known as the venue of the famous Korean drama "Misaeng". Let's explore a series of CJ's nice restaurants in the Seoul Station area.

A nice restaurant near Seoul Station, boasting of a variety of Korean dishes! Season's Table Seoul Station

▲ Season's Table and Cheil Jemyunso located in the 3rd level of the Seoul Station building

The Korean restaurant brand Season's Table seeks a win-win relationship with farmers by continuously identifying and introducing seasonal foods grown on our land. Presenting a variety of food that tastes best in certain seasons, Season's Table is a restaurant beloved by many customers regardless of their gender and age.

The restaurant brings you the authentic tastes of Korea that we have forgotten by actively introducing many lesser-known indigenous ingredients.

▲ The "scrumptious" space where you can enjoy fresh seasonal ingredients! Season's Table Seoul Station

Having opened in districts visited by many foreigners, including Insadong, Dongdaemun and N Seoul Tower, Season's Table opened within Seoul Station this August.

Directly connected from the parking space on the third level of the building, the restaurant is a hot place readily accessible by a variety of transportation including trains and cars.

Wherever your friend is coming from, you can simply say "let's meet up at Season's Table in Seoul Station" because the restaurant is easy to reach and you don't need to search for a parking spot here and there.

▲ Season's Table is loved by consumers of all ages and gender.

The restaurant guarantees a great time with your colleagues or family with its broad 200-seat interior space and various rooms including a spacious 40-person event room.

In particular, having a nice view of the old Seoul Station built on October 15, 1925, Season's Table Seoul Station is the right choice for enjoying tasty dishes with a great view.

▲ Spicy roasted samgyeopsal with baekyacho, the hit menu selection of Season's Table Seoul Station

The summer menu of Season's Table consists of various tempting dishes including summer beef samgyeop bulgogi, roasted chicken with green onions, spicy roasted samgyeopsal with baekyacho and squid barbecue.

Delectable sounds of eating noodles in Seoul Station! Cheil Jemyunso Seoul Station

▲ The true taste of noodles served from 8:00 am! Cheil Jemyunso Seoul Station

Opened at the same time as Season's Table, Cheil Jemyunso Seoul Station is also a nice restaurant in Seoul Station, which serves rice noodle dishes.

As a restaurant specializing in noodles where you can fully enjoy our noodle culture through a bowl of noodles cooked based on refined craftsmanship, Cheil Jemyunso is widely loved for its various noodle dishes that stimulate your appetite amid the hot weather.

Cheil Jemyunso Seoul Station not only ensures travelers have a full stomach before departing but it also offers a menu that best fits various get-togethers.

▲ "Udon noodles with beef brisket" featuring a soup of rich flavors with beef brisket, beef samgyeop and sea mustard from Wando (left); and "Spicy Beef Noodle Soup" featuring chewy noodles mixed with Korean native wheat and refreshing and spicy soup (right).

▲ Single-entree meals that go with Makgeolli (raw rice wine) and beer! "Beef brisket with bean sprout ssam" and "Seasoned acorn jelly"

The restaurant serves a wide range of noodle dishes, including banquet noodles, spicy noodles, jumbo-sized buckwheat noodles, udon noodles with beef brisket and spicy beef noodle soup, and in particular, it is truly impressive that it serves dishes using chopped noodles made of Korean native wheat.

▲ Enjoy a bowl of noodles with the romance of travel!

Cheil Jemyunso Seoul Station opens at 8:00 in the morning, so the restaurant can serve travelers who are departing early in the morning with a simple and nice breakfast.

As it also serves nine single-entree menu selections for evening time, which go with Makgeolli or beer, including "seasoned cockle and noodles" and "fried noodles with webfoot octopus and samgyeopsal", it is also a perfect place for get-togethers for people working near Seoul Station.

A restaurant famous for "Bomb Pizza", The Place Seoul Square

▲ Welcome to The Place Seoul Square!

Do you know there are also various nice restaurants in the Seoul Square building across from Seoul Station? This building is the one that appeared in the famous Korean drama "Misaeng", and on the ground level of this building is The Place, an Italian urban bistro well known for its ‘Bomb Pizza’.

▲ Let's enjoy the "blazing" taste of the Bomb Pizza, a signature dish of The Place!

▲ A special menu containing Bomb Pizza is also great!

The Place is practically synonymous with Bomb Pizza! Now you can taste the famous Bomb Pizza in the Seoul Station area. The restaurant also serves a special lunch menu and a beer combo targeting workers.

"Today's Lunch" is a nice menu selection of The Place Seoul Square that you can choose only during weekday lunchtimes from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Every day, you can enjoy lunch at discounted prices.

The restaurant also serves three special combo menu selections consisting of pizza, pasta and salad for groups, which make your dining smarter.

In addition to them, three beer combos consisting of beer and side dishes (fried chicken, pizza, pork ribs) for get-togethers and evening gatherings are served in the evening from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. A glass of fresh beer along with delectable The Place dishes will wash away the summer heat!

Lastly, the restaurant also serves two brunch menu selections for weekend customers from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. So, come and enjoy nice dishes with more benefits at smarter prices!

▲ The high arch ceiling is modern and gorgeous! The Place Seoul Square

Another strength of The Place Seoul Square is its beautiful interior design. Photos of the place on social media are incredibly beautiful. The interior space of the restaurant has been divided into two spaces by having installed an upper hall that can be accessed through stairs.

The golden arch walls and the open kitchen make the interior space look more spacious! The "cheese" concept illustrations also create a joyful atmosphere in the restaurant.

A nice restaurant serving functional Korean dishes! bibigo Seoul Square

▲ The view of bibigo Seoul Square, a Korean fast casual restaurant

If you feel like eating rice today, I recommend you to visit bibigo Seoul Square and enjoy wholesome, functional Korean dishes.

▲ bibigo takes care of the health of busy workers!

CJ's global Korean restaurant brand bibigo opened bibigo Seoul Square as a fast casual Korean restaurant as part of its efforts to go global. The "fast casual" restaurant is a new style of restaurant that bridges between fast food and family restaurants.

Its menu is simple and served instantly like a fast food restaurant but the quality of food is very high as it is cooked heartily from wholesome ingredients. Prices are higher than the menus of fast food chains but more reasonable than premium restaurant meals.

▲ Various roasted dishes and side dishes with a bowl of warm rice!

"Dolsot Bansang", one of the recommended menu selections of bibigo Seoul Square, is a nice meal consisting of bean paste stew with beef brisket and hot pot rice or seafood soft tofu stew and hot pot rice and bibimbap.

If you order "Grill Plate", you can choose from various kinds of rice, roasted dishes and side dishes and form a plate with a soup. As a new roast dish is added every week, you can enjoy a wide selection of tasty roasted dish menu offerings.

The restaurant's lunch box menu, including "Nostalgic Lunch Box", "Fried Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice Lunch Box" and "Roast Lunch Box", is also a good choice for busy workers or travelers using Seoul Station. bibigo Seoul Square is a nice restaurant around Seoul Station for everyone including workers and travelers, regardless of their age and gender.

Some might think of Seoul Station merely as a place they briefly visit for traveling or drop by for business, but the station will prove to be a place of delicious and happy memories with these nice restaurants!

I hope you can build lots of tasty memories at CJ restaurants around Seoul Station: Season's Table, Cheil Jemyunso, The Place and bibigo!