2016 O’live Food Festival in Busan


2016 O’live Food Festival in Busan, a better way to enjoy this delectable city

Embrace the sea and the sky, and all the nice food! The first O’live Food Festival held in Busan, the city of tempting cuisine! After celebrating the eve of the festival, 2016 O’live Food Festival was held during the weekend from September 3 to 4. Aren't you interested in hearing about the delectable stories of the festival?

Let's explore the 2016 O’live Food Festival, the foodtainment cuisine festival enjoyed by over 50,000 citizens from all across the nation, including Busan, Seoul and Gwangju.

A diverse way to enjoy food

Here is a tasty gathering! This year's O’live Food Festival was held in Busan. Welcome to Busan!

The most noticeable point of this year's O’live Food Festival in Busan was that it was a "foodtainment" festival full of amusements, including concerts and cooking shows. Going beyond simply eating, the new food experience combining many attractions to see, enjoy and feel was a whole new world!

There was a long line of Busan citizens waiting to enjoy the festival, a.k.a. "Olfoofe"! Standing in line to enter the festival, I felt it very difficult to wait to see what was taking place in the O’live Food Festival.

Celebrating the eve! Delicious Table

The highlight of the eve that was held on September 2 was Delicious Table, a "multi-dining" event. The taste and style of Busan exhibited on a large screen were embodied into the dishes on the table created by top-class chefs and I could enjoy the visual image and taste at the same time.

Here are the three top-class chefs of Delicious Table: from left, Chef James Jang, master of Italian dishes, Chef Sohee Kim, queen of Vienna dishes, and Chef Hwa Young Yoon, master of French cuisine. They successfully expressed the excitement of becoming the main characters of a special event where dishes came together with visual displays.

Delicious Table made itself event more wonderful by using Media Facade technology that enabled the showing of the process of cooking and decoration on an 18m-high large screen. The amazing eve satisfied all five senses of the audience.

Tasty communication + rich communion = O’live Food Festival!

The exciting foodtainment presented by O’live Food Festival continued on September 3 and 4.

Chef Sohee Kim cooked dishes on the site with great charisma in order to present the authentic tastes of K-food. Her disciplined handwork reminded us of her "charismatic" image that we saw of her on television.

"Nice Cooking" and "Sam Kim Goes! Together Cooking" presented by Chef Sam Kim also attracted a lot of attention. In his "Together Cooking" time where Busan Mayor Seo Byung-Soo appeared as a surprise guest, even the audience had an opportunity to participate in the cooking. How lucky they are! I really envied them.

"Oharu Full of Nature", an exciting dessert class presented by the witty and smart show host Lee Sol-Ji from CJ O Shopping and "The lady of O’live Show" actress Kim Ji-Ho, and Chef Lee Seung-Jun, was also joyful. My mouth watered when I saw the tasty and functional dessert they made using various nuts.

The cooking battle of Chef Choi Hyun-Seok vs. Chef Oh Se-Deuk was so thrilling! As we already saw from the O’live Show, the two chefs came off as sexy and sophisticated men who can cook.

The Food Styling Class by actor Ji Jin-Hee and Odense, an original tableware brand of CJ O Shopping also attracted many people. Through the program, I realized that the styling of food is as important as its taste.

The best flavors, best places in Busan!

A nicely composed food photo is worth as many as ten food dishes? I felt a bit overwhelmed by the photo I uploaded. If you eat a large pizza and crispy and fresh salad along with other tasty dishes, you will naturally begin to believe that it was a good choice to come here.

What about some rose-shaped gelato as a refreshment?

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Eat with gusto! Don't worry about calories right now! People feel happiest when eating.

People are enjoying the O’live Food Festival, sitting on fancy cushions in orange, the color of O’live. Don't you feel like eating some orange jello?

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2016 O’live Food Festival is richer with culture and sharing.

One of my favorite moments in the O’live Food Festival in Busan was when I enjoyed delicacies along with music. The Delicious Concert, featuring Eric Nam, Urban Zakapa and Wable, was like a surprising gift to me.

A bite of sweet dessert and a piece of music, enjoying the fresh wind. This is the moment when you can form some lasting memories! The song of Wable, a sister duo from the Delicious Concert was as lively and sweet as a crispy choco crunch.

Another unforgettable experience in the festival was the Delicious Class with a mentor chef Song Hoon, who is a chef from a New York-based Michelin 3-star restaurant and judge of O’live TV's "Master Chef Korea 4".

Delicious Class delivered candid stories to students who wish to become a chef. I felt proud that the O’live Food Festival is not only the place for taking a rest and tasting a culture but it is also a chance to think of dreams and goals for some people.

The festival is definitely the nation's best premium food festival where you can experience trendy lifestyles especially through food.

The festival was first launched in Itaewon in 2013, then in Yeouido in the following two years in 2014 and 2015, receiving favorable responses from many citizens in the Metropolitan area. This year, the festival was held in Busan for the first time and satisfied all five senses of citizens from Busan and other Gyeongnam cities through its flavors and culture. So, where will the festival be held next year?

See you again in next year's O’live Food Festival that will be sure to create more tasty memories together!