CJ O’liveNetworks signs agreement


CJ O’liveNetworks signs agreement with Korean Medical Association for IC card reader business

- Supplying T-CAT, an IC card reader, to hospitals and supporting activities to create added values based on the reader

- T-CAT, a credit card reader based on tablet PCs, featuring superior security, reliability and convenience

- The signing ceremony was held in the presence of over 10 key officials, including CJ O’liveNetworks CEO Lee Kyung-Bae and Korean Medical Association Chairman Choo Moo-Jin

CJ O’liveNetworks (CEO Lee Kyung-Bae and Hur Min-Ho) announced on June 8 that it came to an agreement with the Korean Medical Association (KMA, Chairman Choo Moo-Jin) for introducing a new IC card reader in hospitals across the nation at the Conference Room on 3rd level of the Korean Medical Association building in Yongsan, Seoul.

Under the agreement, CJ O’liveNetworks will supply its IC card reader 'T-CAT' to member hospitals of KMA who want to introduce the new card reader and also support activities to create added values, including advertisements utilizing a sign pad that comes with the reader, and other events. KMA will participate in marketing initiatives for this project together with CJ O’liveNetworks.

'T-CAT' is CJ O’liveNetworks' credit card reader based on tablet PCs. The product features advanced security that meets global security standards, including the credit card reader information protection technology criteria required by the Specialized Credit Financial Business Act, including requirements for IC transactions and credit card data encryption. It is also equipped with functions for enhanced convenience, including simplified payments using NFC, printer functionality to issue receipts and coupons and promotion and event advertising features.

"T-CAT is a smart payment terminal device reflecting current market needs and trends. Introducing T-CAT will enable reliable payment and stringent customer data protection and provide opportunities to expand the advertising and promotional channels of hospitals and the association," said Lee Kyung-Bae, CEO of CJ O’liveNetworks. "Through continuous technology development and services, we will take the lead in creating a 'smart' market in various areas, including hospitals, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and media."

Choo Moo-Jin, Chairman of KMA, said, "I am very pleased that we will commence with the IC card reader project with CJ O’liveNetworks. We will strive to allow doctors of our member hospitals who use this credit card reader to attain more benefits."

This signing ceremony was particiapted by ten key officials, including CJ O’liveNetworks CEO Lee Kyung-Bae, KMA Chairman Choo Moo-Jin, KMA Vice Chairman Kim Rok-Kwon, KMA General Affairs Director Ahn Yang-Soo and KMA Secretary General Ahn Seung-Jeong.