CJ Entertainment & Sony Pictures Television International Signs Agency Agree


CJ Entertainment signed an agreement on May 4th in Hong Kong with Sony Pictures Television International (Hereinafter referred to as "SPTI”), the world’s largest film supplier, to supply 2 CJ Entertainment invested Korean movies to Asian TV through SPTI.  Based on this agreement, CJ Entertainment will now have an opportunity to initially show 2 movies: (2003) and (2004) to Asian countries, excluding Japan, through Sony’s SPTI channel.


“With the recent global appeal of Korean movies, domestic film producers should look for ways of introducing Korean movies to more overseas markets and to more overseas movie fans. Considering Sony’s powerful distribution power in the Asian market, and the examples of excellent works supplied in the past, the 2 Korean movies to be supplied this time are also expected to be well received in the Asian market.  Furthermore, I believe this agreement will generate more interest in Korean movies and Korean stars throughout Asia,” said a related official from CJ Entertainment. 


CJ Entertainment is aggressively targeting overseas markets this year and will use its partnership with SPTI to verify the potential Asian market for Korean movies and to determine the optimum marketing techniques for future promotions of the industry.


SPTI is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, the world’s largest film studio, as well as being the world’s largest TV distribution agency. It has supplied films, including those produced by Sony Pictures, to TV networks around the world.

Sony now operates branches in France, Hong Kong, Spain, and Britain, attracting 240,000,000 viewers in 100 countries on 40 networks.