Creating culture is what CJ does best.
CJ is at the forefront of spreading K-Culture,
influencing lifestyles worldwide.


CJ strives to be the best lifestyle company,
leading consumers worldwide to enjoy Korean
movies, food, TV shows, and music in their daily lives.


CJ values being "first, best, and different" in all aspects.
WIth the ONLYONE philosophy at heart, CJ continues to create
innovative products, services, systems, and businesses.

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CJ Business Philosophy

CJ Business Philosophy
  • Mission
    Creating best value with ONLYONE products and services
    How to contribute to the growth of the national economy through business efforts
    Improving customers’ quality of life
    Creating more jobs and allowing employees to feel a sense of pride about their jobs
    Ramping up opportunities by expanding industrial ecosystems
    Contribution to the nation and society
    CJ CEO's mission statement (Where CJ's reason for being lies)
    Contributing to the growth of the national economy through business efforts
  • Vision

    Global lifestyle company inspiring a new life of health, happiness and convenience

    Health, Happiness, Convenience
    Business areas
    The lifestyle industry (future growth engines)
    Business system
    Creating a new industry or building and expanding an industrial ecosystem by transforming a third-class industry into a first-class one
    Global Lifestyle Company
    Mid- and long-term goals
  • Core Values
    Core Values

    Core values are values that CJ needs to pursue steadily and elements that form CJ’s unique corporate culture that is differentiated from those of other companies

    Exceptional Talent, Strong & Adaptive Culture
    Becoming a leading company that is blazing a path forward by developing exemplary human resources and creating an Strong & Adaptive Culture
    First, Best, Different
    Becoming a first-class company with core competencies by striving to be the best, the first and the most differentiated
    Shared Growth
    Building Ecosystems, Shared Value
    Growing into a company respected by the nation and society by creating an ecosystem and shared values
  • Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct

    Principles that every employee of CJ should honor and standards on HR development

    Possessing zero tolerance of inefficiency and injustice
    Pursuing the best and the utmost in perfection
    Constantly changing and innovating
    Understanding and considering one another


We create a culture that permeates
through every aspect of life

  • Food&Food Services
  • Bio&Pharma
  • Homeshopping&Logistics
  • Entertainment&Media
  • Infra


The three colors of CJ symbolize
health, happiness, and

CJ is at the forefront of spreading K-Culture and influencing lifestyles all over the world. CJ dreams of a delightful and enriched world; a world where everyone can enjoy Korean movies, food, TV shows, and music on a daily basis. During our creative journey, we advanced industries and offered differentiated customer values with our core values “ONLYONE”, “Talent”, and “Shared Growth” at heart. CJ will continue to drive innovative lifestyles as a leading global lifestyle company and contribute to societies by providing the best value to our customers.

CJ brand color. Red:health, Yellow:happiness,Blue:Convenience


A new lifestyle suggested by CJ,
a cherished global company, brings a sense of vitality to your daily life.

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