A TWOSOME PLACE(coffee & dessert)

A TWOSOME PLACE(coffee & dessert)

Premium Dessert Café

  • Meet my unique fun,
    Premium dessert café

    TWOSOME PLACE is ‘Premium dessert café’ where you can enjoy ‘My own small fun.’
    It offers the ‘dessert culture’ which makes your eyes and mouth happy with the scent of coffee.
    The harmony of sweet dessert and coffee at TWOSOME PLACE provides small happiness in
    everyday life.

  • Establishing new standard of coffee shop

    Establishing new standard
    of coffee shop

    Re-interpretation of authentic European dessert
    and salon as modern and chic interior to
    establish a new standard of premium dessert café.

  • Beyond domestic toward the world

    Beyond domestic
    toward the world

    Starting with the first branch in China, TWOSOME
    PLACE is spreading the premium dessert culture
    to international market and leaping as a global
    dessert café to the world beyond Korea.

Roastery Café

Roastery Café

TWOSOME PLACE’s flagship store Roastery Café in Shinnonhyeon is TWOSOME’s unique coffee culture space where you may glance the process of making coffee from fresh bean to roasting, packaging, and manufacturing.
You may enjoy bakery freshly baked at the shop and premium dessert with a cup of coffee.

A Cup of Coffee Two of us Some Dessert Place

A Cup of Coffee Two of us Some Dessert Place

The different taste of coffee with delicate details. This is TWOSOME’s unique small indulgence.
In addition to that, special dessert menus optimally matched with diverse kinds of coffee!
Meet my own happiness at the premium dessert café TWOSOME PLACE.

  • Cake


    Premium style sweet dessert made with
    authentic European dessert recipe

  • Macaroon


    Eye-catching vivid colors.
    Softly melting crunchiness.
    Sweet and soft cream

  • Affogato


    Strong coffee scent of hot expresso with
    sweet ice cream is harmonized as a
    signature dessert



TWOSOME PLACE Enjoy the fun ‘Pairing’ with your own style.
Match a dessert menu with your favorite coffee at the premium dessert café
to enjoy more rich and abundant taste and experiences of dessert.