We help realize a "Delicious Culture".
Olive Food Festival

Experience new delicacies.

First held in Itaewon, Seoul in 2013, then in Yeouido in 2014 and 2015, Olive Food Festival has captivated the tastes of a total of 2039 trendsetters over these past 3 years, helping influence new food lifestyles.

A festival beyond simply being a place for eating.

Olive Food Festival pursues "Food Entertainment", combining food and fun.
From cooking shows to music, movies and concerts,
the festival presents a diverse range of compelling attractions for the audience.
It is a festival where we can share the value and culture of K-Food with people of the world.

Taste and fun like you’ve
never experienced before,

Experience a "DELICIOUS TABLE" created by new tastes and ingredients and the relentless studies and imaginations of chefs.
To provide unique delicacy experiences, the 2016 Olive Food Festival will present the multi-dining "DELICIOUS TABLE" using media facade technology.

2016 Olive Food Festival "DELICIOUS BUSAN"

The Olive Food Festival, the most delicious festival this autumn!
This time, the festival will be held in Busan.
Busan is the city of style and a long tradition of delicacies.
Taste a new Busan that is sure to linger in everyone's memories!