Music Makes One Mnet.
The music channel Mnet is a global leading music entertainment platform
that presents the greatest joy to be felt in music.
It transcends generations, genres and languages, leading K-Culture around the world.

Korea’s Best Contents Creator-Mnet

Korea’s Best Contents Creator-Mnet

Mnet is Korea’s representative music channel that capitalizes on its unrivaled content production and competency to produce a variety of music programs. Mnet is always making new discoveries in Korea’s best musical artists, developing cultures in new genres, leading various trends in music and entertainment programs, producing creative content and seeking new approaches and ideas that can be explored through music.



    YouTube clip videos total over 290 million views! K-pop's top idols have a head-to-head contest! A survival program that six teams of girl groups compete to unveil their new single album on the same day and win a true "Queen" spot.

  • Korea’s first rapper survival program <SHOW ME THE MONEY>

    Korea’s first rapper survival program <SHOW ME THE MONEY>

    Most talked about show each season! A chart monster devouring the music charts! Shaking up Korean hip-hop! Shaking up Korean hip-hop and leading the popularization of the hip-hop scene! The cruel survival show featuring top producers and top rappers in Korean hip-hop

  • Global No. 1 K-Pop chart show

    The music mystery show with a big twist
    <I Can See Your Voice>

    Mystery singers conceal their occupation, age and singing skills You must tell whether they are real singers or tone-deaf based only on their faces and a few clues. The format behind the show has even been exported to the greatest number of countries among other Korean entertainment programs! A mystery music show filled with shocks and twists

  • WORLD No.1 K-POP CHART SHOW <M Countdown>

    <M Countdown>

    A K-Pop chart show in which you can discover representative Korean singers who are leading the trends in popular music It is televised in 13 countries around the world through Mnet USA, Mnet Japan and Channel M. Plus, Mwave can be watched and enjoyed anywhere in the world. You can see not only representative singers leading K-Pop, but also new artists as they emerge in the quickly changing K-Pop market.



Global K-POP Platform

Providing entertainment news and contents in many languages for fans in other countries including across China, Japan, South East Asia, America, and Europe as well as in Korea through the MWAVE site.