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Simple but elegant!!
A new type home meal by HMR

Christian Burgos


His 5th year living in South Korea

I don't like cooking, but I love homemade meals

You want to throw a housewarming party with your friends, and you also want to satiate yourself with a table full of food, even
when you are alone! But the reality is that even turning on the stove can feel like work because of the ongoing ordeal of everyday life.

To help address these concerns of single-person and dual-income households, HMR products were created.
Yes, we are talking about those HMR products, which have realized our dream of creating wonderful dishes with little effort.

Just heat them up in a microwave! With HMR products, not only can single people missing their mothers' home-cooked food
enjoy a home meal made with care, but also dual-income newly-weds can have a pleasant meal together.

Stop eating improperly, using lack of time and laziness as excuses!
Ensure high-quality dishes with HMR products.

The easiest way to enjoy delicious Korean food


His 9th year living in South Korea

My boss asked me if I was really from Nepal
when I uttered,
"Whoa, this is exactly what I needed!"
after having a spoonful of doenjang jjigae, haha!
Nationality has no place in front of Korean food.


Every Korean dish is made with great care.
Even making a stew starts by carefully preparing meat stock.

For people today, even eating three meals a day can feel like a challenge.
And this equally applies to Koreans living overseas.
As you know, it is very difficult to create deep and rich flavors by yourself.

"Is there any way that I can teleport myself to a table full of Korean food?“
"Does a dish really need to take that long to be completed?“
"With ease and with expedience! Is there any way
for simple preparing to become synonymous with proper cooking?“

"You want methods that ensure both taste and health, right?“

So, we've gone ahead and prepared them for you.
HMR products, which have now become a mainstay in food culture, rather than sitting in the background.

비비고 차돌 된장찌개 햇반컵반 버터장조림비빔밥 비비고 돼지갈비찜 고메 중화짬뽕

The stories behind bibigo's HMR products

Christian Burgos

His 5th year living in South Korea

An impromptu housewarming party!
I prepared food with HMR products
while my friends were on their way
to my home, and I'm happy that they
all enjoyed the food.

I want to find the right balance of
taste and health!

Worried HMR products might be unhealthy
and overly strong-tasting?
It's time you put those concerns aside!
To satisfy both your palate and body,
bibigo's HMR products have minimized the use of seasonings
and instead use a lot of #naturalingredients.
Aside from this, like home meals, generous amounts of
ingredients are added into bibigo's HMR products to
approximate the #handsontasteofmomscooking.

The world has become so much better!

All room temperature HMR products come sterilized.
It's an environment where bacteria do not grow,
nor could they even grow, for that matter.
Meaning, it's not a place habitable for preservatives
and additives!
You can just heat them up in your microwave
without any worry about safety.
bibigo's HMR products have had #theirproductsafety
and their packaging thoroughly examined,
thus making them even more reliable.

Anytime, anywhere,
even a kitchen newbie
can make them with ease!

You don't even need any gas. Just a #microwave is enough.
Like LEGO parts being put together,
the magic of simplified cooking comes together
before your very eyes.
This is because of the packaging technique applied
to HMR products,
whereby cooking times have been reduced
and uniform quality has been achieved.

Choose from a variety
of products according to your taste!

Perfect for those who work so diligently to
please the precious palate of friends and loved ones.
From stew to snacks,
#bibigo offers a wide variety of food products.
From Gourmet which gives you the opportunity to enjoy
the hands-on taste of a chef's cooking at your dining table,
to exquisite dishes that will lift your weary head
when you are in the mood for just dining alone.
HMR products have become the answer.


Her 7th year living in South Korea

I just came home from @Christian's
housewarming party.
OMG, to think he prepared
all the foods alone.
I heard they are HMR products,
but they tasted just perfect!

#가정간편식 #맛있는 한식 #건강한 한끼 #요리 못 해도 괜찮아
Make your meal even more delectable

with these perfect combinations

Terris Brown

His 7th year living in South Korea

햇반컵반 버섯곤드레비빔밥 비비고 설렁탕 고메 함박스테이크 비비고 소고기죽 햇반컵반 순두부찌개국밥 비비고 두부김치찌개 WHEN YOU NEED TO CURE A HANGOVER HELP! 햇반컵반 붉닭 덮밥 고메 치즈함박스테이크 LIKE IT! WHEN YOU NEED A DISH SUITABLE FOR PARTIES

On weekends, I go grocery shopping
at a local grocery store.

Today, I bought a ton of HMR products
from there.
Most people may think that I want to buy
comfort food from my home country.
But I've since learned that Korean
food is the best for deriving the best taste
and dining experience!

I'll let you in on my secret perfect
HMR combination, so you can recreate this
in your own home.

Step 1. Boil #bibigotofukimchijjigae.
Step 2. When the stew is brought to a boil,
add the #hetbahncupbahnsofttofustew
sauce and solid ingredients to the stew.

Korean food is the best for curing a hangover! #Kimchisofttofustew JMT!

Today, I want something that blends
both Korean and Western.
I've come up with the best food
combination for such occasions!

Just put the spicy
and #gourmetcheesehamburgersteak
side by side,
and now, you've got yourself
a special dining arrangement.

Fry 'em and roast 'em! In the past, you had to put in so much effort just to make one meal.
Now, that is no longer necessary.

Now you've freed up more time and energy for more important things!
Today, you can dine on tasty Korean food sumptuously prepared with HMR products
and go about your day feeling much more relaxed!


Korean Food, The Delectable Ambassador