Pioneering newness

LIVE NEW, Bringing a sense of newness to the world

Until the creative journey of CJ has revolutionized the daily lives of people around the world

The first sugar to have been made by CJ Bringing new flavor to your meals

In 1953, white sugar made by CJ first began to grace Korean dining tables. Beksul's sugar has always been with you, when you were eating your mom’s homemade meals, or when you were eating a sugar snack out front of your elementary school.

Although there may be some people who've never seen it before, there is certainly no one who saw it only once! Korea's first TV home shopping channel,
“CJ O Shopping”

With the launch of CJ O Shopping in 1995, the home shopping era began in earnest in South Korea. CJ is now at the forefront of the Korean Wave craze in the home shopping sector on a global scale, having made its international venture in 2004 to advance into the Chinese market.

Now, Hetbahn, the reliable go-to food source of Koreans, can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere you want

“Who would buy cooked rice when there are rice cookers?” But, we have foreseen such a future, the era of home-consumed convenient meals coming in 20 years. Hetbahn has now become a regular part of the lives of so many people.

A movie theater that is more interesting than the movie itself! Korea's first multiplex, CGV

Twenty years ago, people went to movie theaters to watch movies. However, with CJ CGV having opened in 1998, we now go to cultureplex to watch movies.
Our concept of a movie theater has since completely changed. When you feel like experiencing a new culture, new lifestyle, pay a visit to your nearest CGV.

Where new consumption trends begin, Korea’s first H&B store, O’live Young

“Explore and try products as much as you want to,” the H&B model presented by O’live Young has become the new standard in the distribution industry.

CJ is creating a delectable, healthy,
convenient, and fun world.

Broadening the dimension of fun, the world's first penta-sensory movie theater, 4DX

In 2009, CJ debuted 4DX, enthralling the whole world as a result. A new-concept culture platform birthed with a view to providing people with something more than a simple movie-watching experience. New ideas help form a new culture. Now, you can experience a kind of pleasure never felt before in 50 countries in all 6 continents of the world.

Making the daily lives of people around the world become more convenient, Korea’s largest logistics company,
CJ Logistics

Now, CJ now boldly sets forth into the world, going beyond South Korea. CJ will enhance the everyday lives of people around the world as a leading-edge logistics company.

The Korean Wave now captivating audiences all over the globe The world's largest global Korean Wave festival, KCON

Since its first installment in LA back in 2012, KCON, an annual global festival being anxiously awaited for by those around the world who are smitten with Korean culture, has created many thrilling moments where people came together as one through K-Culture in various cities around the globe, including Abu Dhabi and New York.

Our dream is to globalize Korean food
Global Korean food brand, bibigo

The globalization of Korean food through bibigo is CJ’s pride. The dream of making Korean food culture a culture enjoyed by people all over the world. To realize this dream, CJ keeps forging ahead towards the global stage.

‘The Admiral’, a movie that rewrote the history of Korean film, captured the imagination of audience members amounting to
17.61 million.

Who could have imagined?
That 17.61 million people would go crazy over a story about a battle fought by 12 ships on the sea 400 years ago.
We do not care about numbers, because we are aiming for something that cannot be seen at the moment.
CJ creates stories that have never been told before when people least expect them.

The fad surrounding
‘Reply 1988,’ a TV drama series beloved by all Koreans

The time when we, many of us, were wandering around the alleys of Ssangmun-dong. A love letter to all people who are diligently leading their lives while overcoming setbacks, Reply 1988 recorded a viewer rating of 19.6%, the highest in the history of Korean cable TV, going beyond the limits of a mere cable TV show and into ushering in a new era of content.

Korean golf now garnering global attention
Korea's first official
PGA Tour event,

“Bridge to Realization!”
Some told us that it's not possible, and some told it’s just the stuff of dreams. THE CJ CUP @ NINE BRIDGES is a stage where every talented, adventurous person can realize their dreams.

Our dream is to transform your daily life.
Until the day CJ becomes a global lifestyle company cherished by people all over the world.
CJ's quest to be the first, the best, and the most differentiated continues.

Pioneering newness