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LIVE NEW,CJ in Vietnam

A new daily routine for ‘Phuong’,
a Vietnamese girl who loves K-Lifestyle

"I have been in love with K-Pop since I was little.
Naturally, K-Lifestyle has occupied a big part of my life.”

The heroine of this story is ‘Phuong’, a Vietnamese college student.
She says she learned about Korea and CJ and began to become fond of them while listening to K-Pop.
Let’s take a closer look at the K-Lifestyle going on in her daily life!

"In Vietnam, K-Food, K-Beauty and K-Music are everywhere. They are quite familiar to us.”

The K-Pop fever swept across Vietnam when I was in middle school.
At that time, all the covers of my classmates’ notebooks were Korean entertainers.
As I am now studying Vietnamese culture and tourism at Ho Chi Minh University, I am particularly interested in other cultures.
Among them, I like K-Culture the best. I am a big fan of Korean music, food and beauty.

“In Vietnam,
Tous Les Jours is the most popular bakery brand.
People like it so much that if you come late,
all the bread will be probably sold out.
I often go their cafes a lot.”

“When I don’t have any classes,
my friends and I go to Tous Les Jours regularly.
Every time we go there, we seem to talk about K-Culture.
My friends are also strongly interested in
Korean culture.”

“When the exams are over, or on weekends,
I tend to go to the movies often.
I really like that there is a CGV near my house.”

CGV plays a lot of movies that I want to watch!
I have a CGV card that is exclusively for people under the age of 23.
If you have this card, you can watch a movie for 45,000 VND (2,160 KRW).
It’s perfect for college students like me. Thanks to this card, I can enjoy culture in various ways.
CGV is a nice place to hang out for Vietnamese people in their 20s and 30s.

“As the number of people
who like Korean dramas and movies grow,
an increasing number of people are starting to
eat K-Food.
There is always kimchi in my house.”

My grandmother, who lives in the country, my mother and aunt all watch Korean dramas or movies every evening.
When you see food in dramas, you will feel like eating it, too.
So, I naturally began to eat K-Food.
Kimchi, gimbap, kimchi fried rice and bibimbap are so delicious! My family really loves kimchi.

“Recently, I went to MAMA, which was held in Vietnam for the first time.
Watching the K-Pop stage, which I used to see only on TV,
I felt really thrilled.”

I really had a great time. It was the first red carpet and performance for me. I will never forget it.
I hope that MAMA will continue to be held in Vietnam.
I’ve never traveled overseas, but I would like to visit Korea someday.

“I don’t think my daily routine is unique.
Korean Style is already a part of the lives of many Vietnamese people.”


CJ in daily lives of people of the world