Music, a lifestyle renewing everyday life

When music is addedto your daily life

"Right now, what kind of music
are you listening to?"

We encounter a range of feelings, thoughts and situations on any given day. When we shop in clothing stores, even during small moments that we can easily overlook, music is always with us. And the music you are listening to embodies who you are at that moment. What do you look like now?

When I run,
I need BGM

Playing a playlist filled with exciting songs!
I feel like I can run 2km more!

When I work overnight,
a song to get me through my work is essential.

My body is here, but my mind is at a rock festival.

My own original soundtrack
that is here with me at this precious moment.

When I listen to this music, I can vividly remember how I felt then.

If you need to boost yourself,
just crank up the volume.

When you vacuum, you need dance music, and when you drive, you need a soothing melody!


When the music I listen by myself
became music I listen to others,
the moments in my daily life change.

Cho Sup

I am working as a YouTube creator.
Many people love this job,
but it may still look odd to others.
Please introduce yourself.

I am Creator Cho Sup, operating the YouTube channel ‘Unstoppable Sup.’ I’ve been posting videos on YouTube for about 5 years. In the first 2 years, I posted videos of me eating food, and posted my daily life like a diary. At that time, a lot of sympathy videos were posted on Facebook. I thought I’d give it a try, and posted a video, and it was shared 80,000 times and became the subject of viral attention. It was an amazing experience. Later, I posted videos of experimentation, and videos of Richie (Cho Sup’s pet dog). I am posting various kinds of videos now. A while ago, the number of my subscribers exceeded 1 million, and I am slightly puzzled by this. I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my subscribers.

In the videos, you seem to be very playful and cheerful.
Are you usually this upbeat?

I usually spend a lot of time by myself. I am quiet when I am alone. I live with EokSupHo (YouTube Creator Group), and we spend a lot of time alone in our own rooms. I also like meeting people outside a lot, but since I became a creator, I have become used to being alone at home. My work has changed me. I was not very talkative when I was a child. I only became talkative after I started uploading to YouTube. Of course, I am more cheerful than I am in the videos when I am with my friends. I am the life of the party outside the home no matter where it may be.

I am curious about how you spend your day.

The first thing I do when I wake up is to think how I will shoot what videos today. But it takes a few hours before I actually sit down in front of the camera. I spend a couple of hours thinking with the camera on. I was not like that before. As I grew more responsible for what I do, I spend more time making preparations. I sit in front of the camera from noon, and I often don‘t start filming until 9 or 10pm. The shooting takes a few hours at times, and only 30 minutes at other times. When I am done shooting, I edit the cuts, and write the indices, and hand it over to the editor. When the first editing is finished, I modify the video several times. It may take a different number of hours to make the videos, but I always post them on time. This is a promise I made to myself, and those who watch my videos. When I am done posting the videos, I go out for a while to meet friends, or I take a rest at home alone. As I am impulsive, I spontaneously do whatever comes to my mind no matter whether it involves videos or meeting friends.

I really like it because
I can express the stories
I cannot reveal with songs.

You have been posting cover videos for songs since a year ago.
Why did you choose to do so?

My hobby is to play the guitar and sing songs. I picked up this hobby 3 years ago. As I grew more interested, I taught myself composition and began to compose music. I have many friends who sing. I heard a lot from them, and I thought to myself that singing is something I should learn to do. There must be a compelling verse and a hook. As they talked about so many technical terms, I was not really into it. But I found myself singing naturally again before I knew it. There was no special reason. I think singing is something that perfectly suits a person like me who likes to talk, write and express myself. I used to feel more comfortable about posting my stories, the little things in life and what I felt in those moments on social media, but at some point, I did not post them as often as before. I don’t mean that such feelings completely vanished, but I hid and suppressed them. I really like songs because I can express such feelings and thoughts, and the stories I could not express with songs.

How do your subscribers react differently to the cover videos for songs compared
to other experimental videos?

Those who leave comments each time give me comfort and support. I read every single comment. It seems that my overseas fans leave more comments on my music videos. Communication may not be easy if languages are different, but it is different with songs. Songs have something that we can feel together. We might not fully understand all the lyrics of pop songs, but we like them anyway. I will continue to post cover videos for songs. I am glad that there are people who sympathize with and like them.

You sing your own songs in some videos. Many people like to sing, but not many people compose them. You seem to really like music. How do you write your own songs?

I naturally wrote them as I placed the feelings I felt in my daily life into lyrics like a diary. As I wrote the songs when I was alone, many of the lyrics were gloomy and sad. When I face a difficult time, I can write the lyrics very easily. I mean when I have something to say. I guess it applies to everyone. Everyone has their own stories, and the desire to express them. We often hear that as we grow older, we must talk less and we should not let others know no matter how hard it may be. I guess people will be unable to cry even if they want to when the time comes, won’t they? I like music because it enables me to express myself no matter whether I am happy or sad. I have written 6 songs so far. I want to remake them with the professional help from experts. They may be a little dark, but they are good to listen to when you are depressed or alone.

‘CJ E&M DIA Festival 2017’was
a big turning point for me.
In the process of preparing for it,
I happened to release songs and make a music video.

I started music as a hobby, but a lot of things changed as I began to share my songs with many people.

That’s true. I never expected it. ‘CJ E&M DIA Festival 2017’ was a big turning point for me. Last year, I did a dance cover with EokSupHo. Fortunately, many people liked it. I was thinking of doing something different this year. That was music. I released a single a while ago. It didn't plan on it, but it just happened while preparing for the stage performance. As a matter of fact, I never thought of filming a music video, but I just shot it, and I never learned to dance, but I practiced dance for a month. I never intended it from the beginning, but I made really a lot of preparations for the festival stage. The process and result were quite different than when I used to do it alone as I liked it. It seems that I just wanted to do a good job so that people can enjoy the festival.

At ‘CJ E&M DIA Festival 2017,’ which was held on July 15-16, you sang and danced on the stage. I guess it was a completely new experience different than making video contents.

I was really busy preparing this stage. I was happy all the time although I was tired and extremely busy. After shooting videos alone at home, I met a lot of people and received a great deal of energy from them. I really like meeting new people as a general rule, but I couldn’t do so in the past few years when I shot and made videos. I thought ‘Wow, this is how we are supposed to live.’ Another thing I liked about the festival was the fans who participated in the DIA Festival. I seldom have an opportunity to meet many fans, but it’s definitely better to see them having fun than just meeting them through the comments they leave. Like it’s better to talk with friends and lovers in person than just exchanging messages with them. In fact, I am not really good when up on the stage. Sometimes, I was so nervous before going up on the stage that I dry-heaved. I went on a trip with my family, and there was a singing contest. I won the first prize, but I remember that I got cold sweats and trembled all over. I felt tingling all over my body this time too, but it was a great experience. I was hiding under a hat as I was too shy. I remember when I first began to make videos. At that time, I was so shy that I could not film videos if there was someone in the house. I got better once I became familiar with the camera, and I am becoming familiar with the stage little by little. Shortcut to the video of the ‘Pretty’ performance at DIA Festival 2017

‘Pretty’ is a song that
I wrote thinking of a woman
I really liked for the first time in my life.

Recently, you released 2 songs. Please introduce the song ‘Pretty.’

I wrote this song thinking of a woman I really liked for the first time in my life. I wanted to say that someone you like will look pretty no matter what she does. Like many lovers, even if you want to look good and be nice to someone you love, you will have a quarrel sooner or later. You will misunderstand and get hurt. But because you love each other, she will still look pretty, and because she is pretty, you will forgive her no matter what. I expressed it in the lyrics. At first, it felt much heavier, but it became much brighter as I wrote the song. Some people tell me that the music video is sadder than they thought. In fact, adaptations of my own experiences are in the lyrics. As dating in the amusement park was something I wanted to do some time, I included it in the music video. I sincerely hope that you will listen to the song a lot.

Many of the cover videos for songs are emotional.
I wonder what kind of music do you usually like and what songs you want to sing.

I like music with nostalgic sentiments. I really like the lyrics of the late Kim Gwang-Seok. I like the songs IU sings when playing the guitar. I like the lyrics of certain songs. When I think it relates to my own story, I become attached to it, and come to like the song and singer. I have many songs I want to sing. I have uploaded videos of various genres on my YouTube channel. I don’t want to limit myself to a certain genre. I like trendy songs, and I also like songs that can comfort someone. Personally, I think songs that can comfort people when they are having a hard time are good songs.

You seem to have a different feeling when you sing alone and when you sing to a lot of people.

The biggest difference is that I met an expert because I wanted to look better to more people. As I am not a professional musician, there are certain things that I only have in my head. I really liked it when the producer helped me correctly understand what they are. And sitting in front of the camera is quite different from standing on a stage. As I have continuously made videos, now I am familiar with the camera, and it is not difficult to shoot the cover videos for songs, but it felt quite different on the stage. When a music video is shot, I am not the person who shoots the camera, but I stand in front of a camera that someone else operates. Now I am quite accustomed to it, but I am still a little shy.

There are many singing comedy YouTubers overseas.
I want to sing more songs,
and I want to do a good job.

You are a person who gives joy to those who subscribe to your channel.
What makes you happy?

I feel happier when I film outside of the house. Viewers tend to find it more enjoyable. Personally, I really like to talk about my everyday life like Vlogging. I wonder ‘It’s just a story about my life. Will the viewers find it interesting too?’ from the viewpoint of a person who makes videos. Those who like me and my video contents watch my videos as they are curious about what I am usually doing. I am really grateful to them.

You’ve come this far by teaching yourself about YouTube and learning songs.
What is your future plan?

This pretty much all came about by accident. I studied fine arts for more than 10 years from childhood, and I studied fashion in college in order to become a designer. At first, I didn’t know that I could make money by posting videos on a YouTube channel. I started filming videos and singing songs because I liked them, but as I like them, I want to get better. These days, I want to study singing. In fact, I don’t even like my voice singing the songs. My voice sounds overly sweet. In other words, I have a baritone voice, but when I sing, my voice goes up to the female key. If the vocal range is high, the advantage is that it is possible to sing songs of various genres, but my voice is not quite refined yet. If I have the chance, I want to produce and continue to learn dancing. There are many singing comedy YouTubers overseas. I want to sing more songs. I want to do a good job. My strengths are positive energy, self-confidence and reliability. I want to continue to make compelling contents that people will want to continuously watch even if they saw my video by chance. Many people say that it is better to appear on TV once than making 100 YouTube videos. However, times are changing, and will change continuously.


Music, a lifestyle renewing everyday life