Music, a lifestyle renewing everyday life

Everyday life
renewed by music

If ‘music is added’ to your ordinary day, you can feel fleeting moments of rejuvenation.
Here are some people who talk about such moments.

From Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival 2017, listen to the stories of people who were able to find a ‘renewed daily life through music’.

Exciting music and sad music
become something worthy of reminiscing and
not just a memory,
depending on who you are with.


The memory of that day when I was with my friends,
“I want to go back!!”

#jisanvalleyrockfestival #withmyfriends


Looking at the pictures, I want to go back to those ‘moments’.
I was ‘happy’ because of my friends who were there with me.

#troyesivan #jisanvalleyrockfestival #thanksbuddies

Whenever I hear a song live,
which I only previously heard via a sound source,
you will never know the surprise and
joy of that ‘moment’ unless you feel it in person.


I drove for two days in a row to see Guckkasten.
Who cares if it means only three hours of sleep? It’s time to live it up!
This kind of live performance will only come once in a century!

#guckkasten #liveisthebest #jisanvalleyrockfestival


I can’t believe I saw Birdy, the UK’s famed singer-songwriter and her first live performance in Korea!

#birdy #jisanvalleyrockfestival #music

With ‘your own look’
that you can enjoy to the fullest,
let’s make the music of the moment feel
even newer!
Are you ready to live in the moment?


A pigtail a friend of mine did for me!
Comfortable clothes! Ready to have fun!
Today, Chang Kiha and The Faces take the stage.
I can’t wait!

#changkiha&thefaces #readytoparty


Last year’s look of Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival!
I am all ready to avoid the intense sunlight.

#jisanvalleyrockfestival #fullofthejoyoffriends

The place where you can savor music in its purest form.

Feel a happy sense of everyday life ‘filled with music’.

Once again, Jisan Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival 2017 will fill ‘your everyday life with music’ with you this year.



Music, a lifestyle renewing everyday life