CJ Creates Korean Made Lifestyles

Korean Made Lifestyle.

The world is entering the era of the fourth industrial revolution in which creativity,
imagination, and culture become new growth engines. The cultural contents industry
such as movies, animations, TV dramas, performances, K-Pop, characters, food, and
games is emerging as a new paradigm that goes beyond the existing manufacturing industry.

Through the message “Korean-Made Lifestyles Created by CJ,” we are striving to
promote not the concept of 'Made in Korea' with a focus on origin but the concept of
'Korean Made,' which means a product containing Korean creativity and ideas.

The country once known for exporting cars is

Now Even

Exporting Music

The country once known for exporting cell phones is

Now Even

Exporting Food

A Paradigm in The Global Economy is
Changing From Manufacturing
To Content, Culture And Service Industries.

The country excellent at overseas construction is
Now Even
To Experience

The country exporting textiles is
Now Even
Exporting Styles

From 'Made in Korea'
to 'Korean-made'

It is well known that Corporate Korea has strong competitiveness in the manufacturing
sector such as automobiles, TVs, mobile phones, construction, textiles, etc. and exports such
items to the world. However, when we look more closely, if music flowing out of a car is
K-Pop, a drama on TV is ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ and a picture taken with a mobile
phone is ‘Bibimbap,’ what will cross our minds?

These things have already become realities and the future will accelerate these phenomena.

“Paradigm Shift” excellently illustrates how paradigms of the world are changing in a global
trend where companies based on software and platforms such as Google, Apple, and
Facebook change paradigms and how Korea’s future growth engines will be created by way
of new lifestyles created by CJ.

CJ creates
Korean-made lifestyles.