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The MAMA united people as one

Asia's largest music award ceremony, the 2016 MAMA, was held in Hong Kong on December 2 (Friday). As many as 11,000 K-Music fans from all over the world packed the theater. At the same time, the 2016 MAMA was broadcast to 45 countries on five continents - Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, and Europe.

Our dream is that all of you in the world
become one through our music

Intro A strong kickoff of the MAMA

This year, CJ has held various cultural festivals around the world such as the KCON, and the MAMA is creating a new and trendy culture in food, styles, movies and music through a global music festival that will bring 2016 to a close. In particular, through this MAMA, CJ sought to provide an experience where music fans from all over the world could become one through music.

Preparing the MAMA with excitement

A pleasant atmosphere with excitement and tension gripped the Asia World Expo Arena in Hong Kong, where 2016 MAMA was held. The sensational MAMA poster also stirred up a sense of anticipation in many people.

Hook Special moments of MAMA

The opening performance of Part 1 of the MAMA was held and was a collaboration involving GFRIEND and SEVENTEEN which who emitted their refreshing charms. Their performance was followed by performances by Korean popular hip hop musicians Zico, Dean and Crush. As soon as the second part began, Korea's male idols including GOT7, Monsta X, and NCT 127 carried out collaborative performances, captivating female audiences. After that, singer-songwriter Lee Juck graced the stage, which started with narration by actor Kim Yoo-Jung, was harmonized with AR technology and a bandonion performance, leaving audiences with a strong impression.

On top of that, Leon Lai, Darren Wang and Wu Ying Jie, popular in Chinese-spoken regions, made the event even more meaningful by handing out prizes. Of particular note, world-renowned music artists Gallant, Timbaland and Wiz Khalifa put on legendary performances. Gallant sang ‘Weight in Gold' with artistic vocals and deep emotions. Timbaland first performed 'Body' with Eric Nam, drawing much attention. Wiz Khalifa, famous for 'See You Again,' from the movie soundtrack for "Furious 7", gave an impressive performance as if to rewrite MAMA's history.

TWICE took home the Song of the Year Prize for ‘Cheer Up’ and BTS, the Singer of the Year Prize. “EX'ACT”, the third album of EXO earned the Album of the Year Prize.

The special stage of the MAMA

The 2016 MAMA allowed music lovers realize how special a moment it was for everyone to share the same feeling.

  • Verse 1. Valuable experience through the MAMA

    This year, MAMA held the first 'Creators' Forum,' a music-specialized conference. Approximately 400 music industry leaders from around the world shared the vision and insight of the music industry and declared the evolution of MAMA as a culture and a platform for mutual growth.

    The MAMA’s valuable vision

    Quincy Jones and Andy Ng took part in the Creators’ Forum, a music conference which debuted during the 2016 MAMA and shared their vision for the music industry in the forum.

    Starting with the opening speech by Shin Hyung-Kwan, the head of CJ E&M’s Music Contents Division, music industry-leading experts took part in the panel session. In attendance were Andy Ng, a director of QQ Music; Josephine Cheng, COO of KKBOX; Tony Elison, a representative of YouTube Music APAC; Calvin Wong, a vice president of Warner Music Asia; Jung Wook, the CEO of JYP Entertainment; Adam Wilkes, the CEO of AEG Asia; Yoon Seok-Jun, director of Big Hit Entertainment; Quincy Jones and Timbaland. They presented the future and new business models of the music industry and explained information on trends and technologies for the music industry as a whole.

  • Verse 2. Uplifting Experiences at the MAMA

    Extraordinary Experiences and Exciting Live Performances at the MAMA

    The 2016 MAMA featured not only musical performances but also food and beverages. The organizer broadcast live events where people enjoyed delicious food from “bibigo.”

    CJ introduced services and products through bibigo, Mnet, O’live Young booths at the venue of the 2016 MAMA. They provided thousands of spectators with two kinds of bibigo dumplings (vegetable and pork dumpling and chicken breast dumplings) and bibigo Seaweed Snack Original, bibigo Seaweed Snack with Honey and Corn as samples.

    The Significant Value of the MAMA

    The 2016 MAMA empowered more people to enjoy good value through the Girls’ Education Campaign just as the world becomes one through music.

    O’live Young ran a makeup zone where thousands of consumers tried using Wakemake, Round Around, Shingmulnara, XTM Style Homme and DreamWorks products and introduced DreamWorks Character Mask Packs through the DreamWorks PhotoZone Social Media Event. In addition, the value of "Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Change" was publicized through a UNESCO girl’s education campaign at O’live Young Booth. Many Chinese consumers had a meaningful time, participating in the educational campaign for marginalized girls around the world, taking selfies while wearing girl’s education campaign bracelets.

  • Outro MAMA, and Another Start

    How did you feel about 2016 MAMA Live?
    It was so much fun. The venue was so hot and the passion of the crowd felt really strong. I will come here again next time, if I have a chance. - Meipai Wang Hong Shu Shu
    What artist are you looking forward to seeing the most at the 2016 MAMA?
    Without a doubt, EXO. I am hoping to watch their performance of songs from their new album. I am so excited! - EXO fan Lele
    How do you feel about K-Music at the MAMA event?
    I am so happy to be here at the MAMA this time. The atmosphere here is very exciting! I really enjoy K-Music and I am interested in new K-Music or K-Artists. I wish to have more opportunities to listen to and interact with K-Music like the MAMA. - K-Music fan Dongmei

    Enthusiastic K-Music fans in MAMA

    The 2016 MAMA was a place where passionate K-Music fans who loved music communicated and interacted with one another.


    The 2016 MAMA successfully held this year will create a moment of communication between Asian and international music fans with better value and visions next year.

    The CJ Group will provide an incredible experience connecting K-Music fans around the world, providing cultural experiences for Asian and global music fans through the MAMA.

Our dream is to deliver value to
those around the world that transcends experience


Global Music Festival MAMA