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For the last 20 years, Mnet has been a leading beacon of popular music and has spearheaded many trends in pop culture in general, widely spreading the excellence of K-Music which is a captivating combination of singing ability, style, and performance.

For a long time, in addition to
music, Mnet has also captured
key moments of change
in Korean popular culture.

  • 20 Years of Mnet! The Path Mnet Has Followed

    It is no exaggeration to say that the global music festival, Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), where you can enjoy the singing, styles, and performances of many K-Music artists, has been possible due to the extensive history and expertise of Mnet, CJ E&M's music and entertainment channel. Mnet was launched as a TV channel specializing in music broadcasting on March 1st, 1995, coinciding with the start of cable TV services in Korea, and it celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding last year.

  • In its early days, Mnet aired MTV programs through licensing along with its own programs. However, since the licensing contract ended in 2001, the channel has been solely operating with Korean-made programs. For a long time, in addition to music, Mnet has also captured key moments of change in Korean popular culture and actively channeled them into their programs. Mnet has led the development of Korean popular music through various programs aside from MAMA, including 20's Choice whose aim is to capture the evolving needs of 20-somethings, trendy awards ceremonies such as Style Icon Asia Awards which reflects the strong interest in fashion, M Countdown, a long-running program that has been capturing key moments in Korean popular music for more than 10 years, and Superstar K which is an audition program for discovering talented and emerging musicians.

    Mnet, Asia’s No.1 Music Entertainment Channel

    Mnet is leading Asian pop culture trends
    through K-Music.

  • Mnet, K-Artists’ Real Life Channel

    Mnet has contributed to creating a K-Music syndrome through its reality show programs that offered a glimpse into the real lives of K-Music artists, including < Hot Moment xoxo EXO > and < Infinite Ranking King >

    Especially as a TV channel specializing in music, Mnet, through its high-quality programs such as < Dancing 9 > and < Hit the Stage >, has played a significant role in broadly communicating the importance of performances, one of the key components that make up music. In addition, Mnet also has been at the forefront of many trends. With its programs < Show Me the Money > and < Unpretty Rapstar >, launched in 2012 and 2015 respectively, Mnet helped make hip hop become extremely popular in Korea, which was totally unexpected at the time. These programs generated revenues of over 2 billion won with the sales of digital music alone, and their formats were also exported to China. In addition to music programs, Mnet has also showcased many variety show programs in new formats, which offered fans a peep into the real lives of K-Music artists. In particular, the success of < Seo In-Young's KAIST > and < Lee Hyo-Ri's Off the Record > demonstrated to many about the influence of Mnet as a medium. Afterwards, through its subsequent reality shows that offered a glimpse into the daily lives of K-Music artists, such as < Hot Moment xoxo EXO >, < Infinite Ranking King >, < 2NE1 TV >, and < TWICE's Private Life >, Mnet had a considerable influence on the emergence of K-Music syndrome.

  • Show Me the Money, and Produce 101 Mnet's Representative Programs

    This year, Mnet took another bold leap forward with < Show Me the Money 5 > and < Produce 101 >. Mnet's rap competition show, launched in 2012, discovered and shed new light on outstanding rappers such as Loco, BOBBY, Basick, BewhY, and Cjamm, cementing itself as Korea's only show specializing in hip hop. Growing into a better show each season through adopting opinions from its viewers, < Show Me the Money > in its fifth season, highlighted not only the participating rappers but also the producing chops of the producers including MC Meta, Dok2, The Quiett, Verbal Jint, Simon Dominic, and Zico, creating a new wave in the Korean music scene with spell-binding performances and gripping pieces of music. That is to say, Mnet created a new sort of music distribution structure where new songs made by the producers featured on < Show Me the Money 5 > topped various online music charts as soon as they were released. It goes without saying that < Show Me the Money > is responsible for the great popularity of hip hop in Korea for the past few years. In addition, with the launch of the show's spinoff < Unpretty Rapstar > in 2015, Mnet also began introducing female rappers, who had previously received little attention compared to male rappers.

    Mnet, a Trend-Leading Music Entertainment Channel

    Mnet has consistently provided a stage for talented hip hop musicians to show off their chops through < Show Me the Money >, and with < Show Me the Money 5 > this year, Mnet catapulted Korean hip hop into the mainstream.

  • Mnet, the Creator of a New-Concept Audition

    Mnet caused a sensation with
    < Produce 101 >, a new-concept interactive audition program where viewers choose members for a girl group.

    However, the program that garnered the most attention this year was < Produce 101 >. < Produce 101 >, a new-concept audition show where viewers choose girl group members, pioneered a new audition format and made huge splash with it, consequently increasing the brand power of the show itself. A program with an interactive structure suitable for digital era, < Produce 101 > elicited constant, uncontrived responses from viewers.

  • M Countdown Reaches Its 500th Episodes The History of Korean Pop Music, M Countdown

    Although Mnet sought to transform itself into an all-encompassing TV channel by coming up with a diversity of variety show programs, music has always been at the center of Mnet. In its early days, Mnet was a TV channel specializing in music that aired foreign music videos rarely seen on Korean public TV, and it was also the first in Korea to try programs specializing in music, with programs such as < Time to Rock > and < Hip Hop the Vibe >. It is attributable to Mnet's constant support and contribution to the Korean music industry that Mnet has been able to hold some of Asia's most prestigious awards ceremonies such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards. In particular, < M Countdown >, which airs every Thursday at 6 p.m. for 90 minutes, is a music chart program launched as early as in 2004. Having celebrated the 10th anniversary of its launch in 2014, < M Countdown > is Mnet's longest-running program.

    Mnet, the History of Korean Pop Music

    Having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014,
    < M Countdown > is Mnet’s longest-running program and has represented the history of
    ever-changing Korean pop music.

  • Mnet, a Global K-Music Channel

    TWICE performed on the stage of < M Countdown > on November 10, which marked the program’s 500th episode. Mnet is a global K-Music channel enjoyed by people around the world, including Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

    < M Countdown > is not just a music chart show but is also the stage that presents new songs by K-Music artists earlier than anywhere else and a barometer for popular music that provides the opportunity to watch various performances by artists. ‘Hey Mama!’ by TWICE's TT and EXO's Chen Baek Xi was premiered for the first time on the stage of < M Countdown >, and recently, B.A.P also debuted their new song "Skydive" on the show. On November 10, a date which marked its 500th episodes, < M Countdown > staged some of the most memorable performances in its history, including the one where TWICE performed Wonder Girls. < M Countdown > has been recording glorious moments in Korean pop music every week, and it is no exaggeration to say that the show reflects the history of Korean pop music itself. Currently, in keeping with the growing demand of K-Music among global music fans, Mnet airs < M Countdown > live simultaneously in many countries, including China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and the U.S.

< M Countdown > is not just a music chart program
but is also the stage that presents new songs
by K-Music artists earlier than anywhere else and
a barometer for popular music.


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