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K-Artists of the Year

2016 MAMA Line-up

The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) are elevating the hopes of fans with more talented artists being on the list than ever. We introduce you the K-Artists participating in 2016 MAMA.

Voting War between
EXO vs. BTS, both recognized
as global K-Music artists.
Who will come out on top?

  • War Among Male Idols EXO & BTS,
    Who Will Come out on Top?

    Social media is currently ablaze with discussion about the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Specifically, encouragement of fans to vote for EXO and BTS for the ‘Male Group Award’ is happening in real time. EXO and BTS are heating up the tension of the 2016 MAMA by fiercely competing in the rankings contest every day. EXO, who released their 3rd regular album < EX`ACT > and repackaged album < LOTTO > this year, have proven once more that they are the leading idol group thanks to EXO’s own unique breathtaking and charismatic stage performance plus their dominant presence on music charts and in music record sales. The 3rd regular album < EX`ACT > and repackaged album < LOTTO > sold more than a million in just two months after their release, setting a record of ‘triple million sellers’ with all three regular albums selling over million copies. EXO has also succeeded in giving off a new look through its first unit named ‘EXO-CBX’ earlier this year.

    EXO, a Boy Band that Needs to Be Seen to Be Believed

    EXO is regarded as one of the biggest contenders in the Male Group in addition to BTS by breaking a record of becoming triple million sellers

  • New Evolution of Boy Bands, BTS’s Blood Sweat & Tears M/V

    BTS rewrote the history of male idols this year
    by tallying an overwhelming number of album sales through huge growth

    BTS, challenging the lofty stature of EXO, has shown exceptional performance this year with tremendous growth. BTS’s 2nd regular album < WING >, which was released in October, sold more than 680,000 copies in October alone, and even selling more than a million copies this year if the 350,000 copies of special album < Young Forever > released this May are added to the total. In addition, < WINGS >, the 2nd album released in October, showed the highest amount of sales in this year’s monthly album sales on the Gaon Chart. BTS was ranked first on the iTunes Chart in 97 countries around the world with < WINGS > and entered Billboard’s Top 200 for two consecutive weeks. It is the first time that a Korean artist has maintained its rank in Billboard’s Top 200 with the same album for two consecutive weeks. EXO and BTS have both been nominated for the Best Dance Performance Awards in the Male Group with ‘Monster’ and ‘Blood Sweat & Tears,’ respectively.

  • Battle of Female Idols Who Will Be Female Idols of the Year?

    The Female Group of the Year Awards is also one to watch. It is fair to say that this year’s music industry was dominated with a new concept, image, and musicality with the remarkable efforts of girl groups. In particular, this year’s female idol groups differentiated themselves from the previous groups through offering a unique color of music. The frontrunners are TWICE, Red Velvet, and GFRIEND, all competing intensely as the Female Group Awards nominees. TWICE, composed of each member having strong personality traits, has left a strong impression on the 2016 music industry with ‘Cheer-Up’ in the first half and ‘TT’ in the second half. The music video of ‘TT’ reached 30 million views in just 9 days and went on to 50 million views in 22 days, setting a new record for the quickest time to attain such feat among K-Music idols, proving they are the ‘Top-trending idols’ by selling more than 165,000 copies, the highest number of copies sold among girl groups this year. TWICE’s debut song ‘Like OOH-AHH,’ also attained a massive record of 100 million views on YouTube.

    Boasting 100 Million Views on YouTube, TWICE

    TWICE pulled in more than one hundred million views on YouTube with ‘Like OOH-AHH’ and ‘Cheer-Up,’ and has been nominated for the Best Dance Performance Awards in the Female Group with the ‘Cheer-Up’ music video.

  • Hotter Than Ever, a 3-Way Race of Girl Groups

    Girl groups TWICE, Red Velvet, and GFRIEND dominated this year’s music industry with a new concept, image, and musicality. An intense 3-way race is expected.

    Red Velvet and GFRIEND’s fandoms cannot be ignored. Red Velvet, who was awarded with the Hot Performance Award of the Year in the 2016 5th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards this year, has also made a strong appearance for being an innovative girl group with songs such as ‘Russian Roulette’ that gives off a new sense of music. GFRIEND, known for its powerful vocals, has maintained its fresh and healthy image with ‘Rough’, which was also released this year. The total number of trophies GFRIEND was awarded with ‘Rough’ this year is 15, and 13 for ‘NAVILLERA.’ GFRIEND, who was awarded with the Performer Award in the 2016 28th Korea PD Awards, has achieved the above accomplishments within one year from their debut. TWICE, Red Velvet, and GFRIEND are all nominated for the Best Dance Performance for Female Group with ‘Cheer-Up,’ ‘Russian Roulette,’ and ‘Rough,’ respectively, and all eyes will be watching to see who wins.

  • Global K-Music Showcase Stage Filled with Singing, Style, and Performance

    MAMA serves as the global K-Music showcase full of singing, style, and performances with the best K-Music artists on stage. In addition to domestic music fans, fans overseas are also waiting for MAMA with bated breath on how Taemin, nominated for the Best Dance Performance Solo Section with ‘Press Your Number,’ and HyunA, the unique solo dance singer nominated for ‘How’s this?’ will adorn the stage to mesmerize the crowd. First up, the MAMA stage of ‘BLACKPINK,’ proudly presented by YG for their solid talent and musicality, and the girl group ‘I.O.I,’ born out of broad national interest, who are both nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award, will also be a moment that cannot be missed.

    Stage Beyond Imagination, MAMA

    Taemin and HyunA, both nominated for the Best Dance Performance Solo Category, are famous for their unique style and innovative performances. The level of interest in the MAMA stage they will stand on is surely going to be hot.

  • Artists exhibiting the next level of class in musicality in terms of singing cannot be missed on the MAMA stages. Taeyeon, known for being the most consistent singer among female idols, has been nominated for the Female Singer Award and the Best Vocal Performance Award Female Category with ‘Rain,’ and is producing strong interest. Korean hip hop musicians nominated for the Best Rap Performance Category amid the worldwide interest in hip hop, leading in various trends such as style and fashion in addition to music, are also to be a major highlight. In particular, BewhY, who has earned the fame of being a monster rapper as soon as he appeared in < Show Me The Money 5 >, Cjamm, known for his groove, and Zico, talented producer/rapper who is now more than a mere idol, are more reasons why the MAMA is eagerly awaited by fans around the world. The most exciting stages of K-Artists who have shown diverse individualities and colors of new forms of music and performances this year are highly anticipated. Now, sit back and get ready to enjoy the 2016 MAMA

  • MAMA, Stage of Rebellion and Provocation

    Rebellious and provocative stage presence of BewhY and Cjamm of < Show Me The Money 5 >, and Zico, producer/rapper who is now more than just an ordinary idol is another reason to look forward to MAMA.

MAMA is a global music festival full of
singing, style, and performance.


Global Music Festival MAMA