Ethical management

Ethical Management

CJ will create a culture of transparency and shared growth
through Ethical Management

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CJ conducts transparent and fair corporate activities and practices social responsibilityin order to establish a culture of ethical management within the company.
We will do our best to communicate with our stakeholders and other interested parties inimplementing the culture of ethical management that they can relate to.

We strictly uphold the Promises of the CJ Family
								and our ethical management policies.

We strictly uphold the
"CJ Code of Business Conduct"
and our compliance policies.

CJ has established the Code of Business Conduct that applies to and comply by all CJ employeesworldwide with common goal and purpose.
We have also developed and distributed ethical management policies in line with the globalstandards to prevent compliance issues and better communicate with our stakeholders.

  • CJ Code of Business Conduct

    All CJ members understand and acknowledge the right ways to perform their duties based on the Code of Business Conduct containing the CJ’s Management Philosophy, and also understand their responsibility as members of a respected and beloved corporation.

  • Policy & Guideline

    Our ethical management policies serveas detailed guidelines to the "CJ Code of Business Conduct".
    In communicating with customers, shareholders,investors, colleagues, partners (including competitors and business partners), and the global community, we comply with our ethical management policies and practice the value of integrity of CJ’s Management Philosophy.

  • Report

    We operate a trusted alert system, enabling all CJ employees, our shareholders and other interested parties to confidentially report non-compliance issues, any violationof the Code of Business Conduct or unethical behaviour, and provide the report on results of investigation.