ESG Commitments

CEO Sohn, Kyung-shik, CJ Corporation


CJ began implementing ESG standards across all of its operations in 2021, anticipating the global market’s universal expectations.
CJ strives to become an ESG leader by securing the ESG competitiveness at a global level in order to influence the industrial ecosystem.

CEO Sohn, Kyung-Shik, CJ Corporation


CJ is fully committed to implement the roadmap with the goal to ‘achieve carbon neutrality and demonstrate ESG leadership pioneering the industry’ by 2050.

MISSIONContributing to the global community by providing the best value with ONLYONE products and services

  • Environment

    Minimize environmental impact across the business operations,
    Facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy

  • Social

    Prevent business operation from causing social issues,
    Exert world-class social leadership

  • Business

    Pursue great transition to ESG-based business models,
    Secure outstanding competency on new markets and new businesses

Strengthen management transparency, enhance compliance, disclose ESG information and communicate with stakeholders

  • ~2023

    Identify Key ESG Risks across CJ
    and Build Foundation
    for Management

  • ~2025

    Reinforce ESG Implementation
    Competency and Establish
    Global ESG Information
    Disclosure System

  • ~2030

    Expand Business Portfolio
    Based on Social and
    Environmental Values

  • ~2050

    Achieve Carbon Neutrality
    across CJ and Exert ESG
    Leadership for the Industry

Top priorities

CJ is committed to identify and carry out strategic tasks on ESG management, focusing on eight top priorities.

Environment (Climate Change Response, Circular Economy, Eco-friendly·Product·Content·Service)
Social (Human Rights Respect & Protection, DE&I in Corporate Culture


CJ will promote sustainable growth by identifying and responding to risks and opportunities by leveraging ESG governance.

CJ ESG governance
CJ Board of Directors (ESG Committee)
CJ ESG Advisory Committee
CJ ESG CEO Council
CJ ESG Working Group Council