Shaping a Successful Future Together

CJ has been fulfilling its responsibility as a member of the nation and society by cultivating various industries through continuous challenges and innovations, taking the initiative in building a community of coexistence since its foundation. With the CSV (Creating Shared Value) principles at the heart of our company, CJ will continue to serve communities in need.

Agricultural development CSV project
in rural Vietnam

Promoting independent growth for sustainable agricultural development

We supply Korean chili seeds to farms in Vietnam and transfer advanced agricultural skills suitable to the local communities to increase local farm household incomes and eradicate poverty. Furthemore, we procure these excellent quality produce, establishing the foundation for globalization of Korean cuisine.

Pleasant Companion

Mutual growth with small businesses

CJ is discovering small yet promising local companies and providing support in areas such as product planning, manufacturing, distribution and consulting to build an ecosystem of mutual growth. CJ CheilJedang and CJ Olive Young are creating shared values for win-win growth with stakeholders through the win-win program, 'Pleasant Companion'.

Silver Delivery

Creating high quality jobs suitable for the aging society

CJ Logistics E&C Div. creates jobs for seniors through multilateral
cooperation with the government, local government, and
private organizations, promoting economic stabilization of
the silver generation and the values of health promotion
and social participation. CJ also practices eco-friendly growth
by introducing electric carts.