CJ China launched a large-scale outdoor sales promotion activity for the Dashida



CJ China held an outdoor sales promotion activity for the Dashida Product Series at the New World Shopping Mall Plaza in Beijing. Through this event, CJ China sought to expand its influences on the Chinese market and enhance the local awareness of its Dashida brand name.


The event consisted of a variety of programs such as on-site product recommendations and cooking presentations, product distribution and excellent entertainment shows. To give a strong impression of the Dashida products to many consumers, all activity scenes used red color to create an animate, exciting ambience of this pageant, making a full demonstration of the new Dashida brand name and its new image. The sales promotion activity has greatly improved the brand name awareness of the Dashida Product Series.


In future, CJ China will not only conduct long-term events such as on-site product distribution and sampling party at shopping malls or supermarkets, but also periodically sponsor large-scale outdoor sales promotion activities similar to this one to fulfill an extensive publicity of CJ China and its products.