CJ Shop opened on the shores of the Yalu River




CJ China opened a shop in Dandong located in North Koreas border area. As the main gateway to North Korea, Dandong is a city North Koreans visit frequently. For this reason, CJ has promoted its product Dasida to target the North Korean market.


The CJ shop on the shores of the Yalu River covers 30 pyung, and its monthly revenue reaches 50 Million Korean Won. The CJ shop deals primarily with processed food, agriculture, fisheries and side dishes. Moreover, the CJ shops sells various CJ products to North Korean customers, including Dasida, Beaksul Yangnyeomjang (seasoning paste) and a variety of other customer goods. The customer base is composed of 60% Korean or Korean Chinese, 30% North Korean and 10% Chinese.


CJ projects that the Dandong CJ shop will be the foothold for promoting a base for the North Korean market and that it will popularize CJ products amongst North Korean Customers very soon.