Nutra Morning Powder Meal Sales in the States



The promotion of CJ Morning/Slim Powder Meal is going on now in the States. From Jan. of 2003 to Sep. of 2003, $325,000 worth of CJ Morning Powder Meal has been sold.  Morning/Slim Powder Meal is sold at 5 locations in North America (LA, NY, SF, DC, and Toronto).  CJ America is planning to build the distribution network at Chicago and Seattle soon.  The distribution network will be established and completed within this year.


We use various way of selling products DC distributor works solely on network marketing, whereas we use both network marketing and retail distribution at NY, LA, SF, and Toronto.

All of our agents are trying hard to raise the brand image of our powder meal through various marketing tools, including sample tryout in front of retail stores.


Morning powder meal was launched in North America in the 1Q of 2003 Slim powder meal was launched in 3Q of 2003. CJ Nutras line up of dietary supplement products will be launched in 4Q.