The CJ’s Beef Bulgogi Marinade Launched In Japan


CJ Japan has launched the CJ’s Beef Bulgogi Marinade in Costco Japan in 2003. Costco is one of the discount marts originated from the U.S.A., and Costco Japan is currently operating total 4 sites over Japan.


CJ’s Beef Bulgogi Marinade, which has CJ’s new logo on its package, is selling as a bundle of two 840g. More than 30,000 bottles have been sold over the last five months. Some shops have Bulgogi Bake and Bulgogi Beef that are made with CJ’s Beef Bulgogi Marinade.


CJ Japan held the sampling events at all Costco Japan marts from July 31 through Aug. 8, and also conducted customer survey. It shows that they have strong interest in Bulgogi(Yakiniku in Japanese) although 90% of the Japanese has no experience eating Korean style Beef Bulgogi Marinade. Japanese people also said that CJ’s Beef Bugogi Marinade’s mild taste is a kind of surprise to them as their general impression of Korean food is hot and spicy. These results will give an opportunity for CJ to develop a new Korean style processed food targeting to Japanese market.