bibigo opens its 4th restaurant in Singapore.


The opening of the fourth bibigo restaurant in Singapore completes a golden triangle for the brand connecting the heart of the shopping area with the central business district. Indeed, the new restaurant is a public statement of bibigo’s ambitions to promote Korean cuisine more widely in Singapore.

CJ global Korean food brand bibigo( announced on Oct. 14 that it had opened its fourth restaurant in Singapore, the latest in Suntec City, a core location for the country in terms of hosting conventions, shopping and business. bibigo already has three restaurants that are thriving in Singapore: at Raffles City Mall, also home to the landmark Robinson Department Store and many popular restaurants; at Nex Mall, a major shopping center in the centre of Singapore; and at Marina Bay Financial Center, a giant commercial area that boasts an international convention center, a financial center and a shopping complex.

Suntec City where the fourth bibigo restaurant opened is the equivalent of COEX in Korea, and can justifiably be dubbed a mecca of finance, conventions, hotels, restaurants, and shopping, with a number of multinational company offices based there. The Suntec City Mall accommodates about 400 luxury brands with approximately 20,000 people working in its five office buildings, which makes it a perfect place to target affluent shoppers, office workers, Singaporeans, and foreigners. In addition, the Mall has a range of restaurants of diverse cuisines, from a low-to-mid-priced food court to high-end fine dining, which means bibigo has with the perfect launch-pad to promote the charm of Korean cuisine amid fierce competition with neighboring restaurants.

Targeting office workers at the office buildings, bibigo Suntec City Restaurant provides a special lunch menu at a competitive price during office lunch hours. It has also made a new attempt to attract Singaporeans, known for their delicate tastes, by improving the items of its Korean menu and grill menu, both of which are proving particularly popular in Singapore, especially bibigo Spicy Chicken. To bolster its menu, it is launching Grilled Ssamjang Pork.

A bibigo spokesperson said, “Singapore is the melting pot of Asia, replete with diverse nationalities and styles of cuisine. No wonder then that global restaurant brands are locked in fierce competition with each other, making it hard for other Korean restaurant brands to achieve qualitative performance in Singapore. When compared with rivals, bibigo has continued to show particularly strong results. We entered into Singapore in 2010 following our debut in China and were already opening our first restaurant in Indonesia in May. bibigo plans to expand the number of its restaurants in Southeast Asia to 100 by 2017 to extend its point of contact with customers.”