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CJ O Shopping sponsors New York Collection to nurture world-class designers.


CJ O Shopping(www.CJmall.com)supports the collection of Korean designers Choi Beum-Seok and Ko Tae-Yong at 2014 S/S New York Collection which started on Sept 5 to assist competitive Korean fashion brands to enter into a global market.

CJ O Shopping has sponsored designer Choi Bum-Suk and Ko Tae-Yong for three years since 2010, and Choi Bum-Suk has participated in New York Collection for ten times since2009 F/W season. He participates in New York Collection the largest number of times among Korean designers. Ko Tae-Yong entered the Korean local collections as youngest designer and draw attention for his novel design. New York Collection is the first global stage for him. Designer Ko Tae-Yong’s collection which was held two times on Sept. 5 and Sept. 9 presented ‘witty preppy look’ with graphic patterns and color blocks in a theme of GYM. Designer Choi Bum-Suk presented on his collection on Sept. 6 structural lines inspired by automobiles and distinctive colors of navy, black and grey.

New York Collection is the biggest of the world’s four major fashion collections in terms of scale. At New York show this year, Popular brands such as Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Vera Wang were introduced their trend and style of the new season. It is significant that sponsoring New York Collection by CJ O Shopping will promote Korean designers who are still less exposed to the global fashion industry than Japanese and Taiwanese designers.

CJ O Shopping has been leading the promotion of K-fashion style by assisting the participation of Korean designers in K-CON, the Hanryu convention in the US last month. K-Fashion booth presented high-end brands including ‘CelebShop’ by designers like Choi Bum-Suk, Ko Tae-Yong, Choi Ji-Hyung, and Chris Han in collaboration with stylist Jung Yoon-Ki, ‘KOSOYOUNG’ by actress Ko So-Young, and ‘Demin’ by designer Jang Min-Young. K-Fashion booth drew much attention from the local and international press covering and interviewing it and from visitors who kept inquiring the brands the Korean stars were wearing and the way to purchase them. K-Style seminar at the convention had designer Chio Bum-Suk and Ko Tae-Yong who introduced K-fashion trend through collection brands and styling of Korean stars. Korean designers were spotlighted in Photo wall as popular as other celebs, showing the influence of K-fashion on the global market.

Trend Business department of CJ O Shopping said, “CJ O Shopping has supported rookie designers, designer collaboration and the entry presentation at overseas stages to grow K-Fashion and provided an opportunity to promote Korean designers to the global fashion industry. We will keep working on promoting K-fashion so that talented Korean designers can compete with the world-class designers.”

CJ O Shopping was the first company to promote K-fashion brands in the global market by supporting the presentation of five designers namely Sim Seol-Hwa, Hong Mi-Hwa, Park Choon-Moo, Woo Young-Mi, and Lee Chung-Woo at Paris Collection and New York Collection. ‘Fidelia’ the underwear brand established by CJ O Shopping in collaboration with designer Lee Cin-Woo and Park Yoon-Jung has made presentation at Salon de la Lingerie Show in Paris on January 2013, which was the fourth presentation at the show following after the Shows in 2001, 2003 and 2011. As part of cultural business from last year, CJ O Shopping supported the launch of women’s wear ‘Demin’ by designer Jang Min-Young who studied and worked in Italy. Demin became the first Korean brand which made its entry to Hong Kong’s largest luxury collection store I.T. this year.