Superstar China is bringing touching moments to viewers across Korea and China


China TV, the Onlyone Chinese content channel of CJ E&M, has begun broadcasting Superstar China (which runs for 14 shows), an audition program that has been gaining a huge following amongst TV audiences in China. CJ E&M, which has already achieved visible successes in the Chinese content market as a partner of the China TV, confirms once again through its broadcast of Superstar Chinaits determination to galvanize the sympathy of both Korean and Chinese viewers through.

Superstar China is an audition program and the biggest singing audition to have aired in China this year. The show is produced by Hubei Satellite TV, after its purchase of the format from CJ E&M’s Superstar K. Hubei Satellite TV is a national satellite broadcasting company with 800 million viewers in China. Superstar China runs for 14 shows and follows the same format as Superstar K in terms of having local preliminary auditions, the super week, and a live show. In particular, Mnet Producer Kim Tae-Eun, who was in charge of producing Superstar K Season 2 thru Season 4, has been working hard to ensure Superstar China has been a flying PD since early this year. The glamorous combination of the judges of the show was enough in itself to warrant considerable attention. The judges are all A-List Chinese stars, including the living legend of the Hong Kong music industry Alan Tom, Sha Baoliang? dubbed China’s Yoon Jong-Shin, the Taiwanese singer and actor Wu Pace, recognizable amongst Korean fans as the supporting actor in A Wedding Invitation, and the top Chinese rocker Wu Bai. The Chinese singer Victoria, who is a member of the popular Korean girl group f(x),also sits on the panel of Superstar China as a special judge, being praised for her smooth and considerate advice that takes the sentiment and style of the Korea Wave into account.

Superstar China aired its first show on July 7 in China to a barrage of interest from both Chinese viewers and the media in general. The show reached 1.39 percent average viewer ratings for 1 episode and 1.5 percent of its highest ratings (in accordance of China viewer ratings agency CMS / based on individual ratings). In so doing, it broke through the 1 percent ratings barrier, meaning it is regarded as a popular program in China. In particular, with audition fever sweeping through China, Superstar China has reached higher ratings for a first show than other globally popular audition programs, including US American Idol and Britain’s The X Factor, despite the cut-throat competition. China’s largest portal site reviewed the show saying, “The show was beyond our expectation with the greatly talented participants, accurate and sharp judges, and the proper music and editing.”China’s Southern Metropolis China also praised Superstar China as “an exciting show with unexpected dynamics in a flood of audition programs”.

The first show of Superstar China aired on China TV at 1 pm on August 11 (Sun). The participants who made it through are from a range of ages and occupations, including a band, a male and female duet, a twin, 75 year-old couple, and mother and daughter duet. The special feature of Superstar K T Girl is also attracting the Chinese viewers in Superstar China, providing viewers with an interesting point of comparison between the beauty of Korean and Chinese T girls. China TV said, “Superstar China has attracted Chinese viewers of all generations with the authenticity of the music of the participants, which are the real strong points of Superstar K. Like this, Superstar China can attract Korean viewers through music that would provide touching moments transcending borders.”