Snowpiercer, explosive power at the box office!


CJ’s global project Snowpiercer is directed by Bong Joon-ho, who also directed Memories of Murder, Monster and Mother and starred with top actors like Chris Evans, Song Kang-Ho, and Tilda Swinton(Screenplay/Director: Bong Joon-Ho; Producer: Moho film, Opus Pictures; Investor/Distributor: CJ Entertainment). The film attracted 466,647 people on August 5 alone (Monday) with the total number of 3,762,943 admissions to date, outnumbering the existing opening record. The second week of the film saw it increase its popularity even further.

The film Snowpiercer continues to set records at the box office in Korea, including for the highest weekday sales, for being the fastest film to smash the 1 million audience mark, the fastest film to surpass the 3 million mark, and beating its own record of the highest weekday sales. Snowpiercer managed to surpass the previous record it set of weekday sales at the first week of opening by drawing 466,647 viewers on August 5 (Monday) at the second week, which is even higher than a record of 418,000 viewers on July 31 (Wed) at its opening day. As a highly anticipated film even before opening, Snowpiercer set a record in terms of the weekday sales at the first week of opening. Now it has attracted even more moviegoers at the second week, with growth in the numbers of teenage viewer sand those in their 40s and over. The explosive popularity of the film is driven by Bong Joon-Ho’s considerable fan base, who tend to draw in their family members ? as well as the growth in young viewers. Such a high-speed box office run is expected to continue thanks to ongoing positive word of mouth as more viewers went to see the film in the second week of opening than in the first week.

Snowpiercer, a film set in a train where the remaining survivors inhabit what can only be described as the new ice age and the poor at the back of the train revolt against the oppression, continues to smash box 0ffice records and grow in popularity with wider audiences.