CJ will hold KCON 2013, the first Korean Wave Festival in the US


KCON 2013 poster, KCON 2012

CJ will enter into the US market with the latest Korean Wave contents as one of CJ’s affiliates, CJ E&M, holds the Korean Wave Festival KCON in LA, the heart of the global entertainment business. KCON is a Korean culture festival which is the first of its kind in the US. KCON 2012 was held for the first time last year and it caused a huge sensation. KCON is like a gift package that wraps up and delivers the latest and best Korean Wave contents as a combination of a convention and a concert for Korean pop culture fans, providing an opportunity to experience and communicate with K-pop culture in general, as well as the hit K-pop music that has gained a huge popularity around the world. KCON 2013 will meet with the Korean Wave fans with a variety of programs at a greater scale. KCON 2013 will be held at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (LA Memorial Sports Arena) for two days starting from August 24.

This year’s event will have more diverse programs as well as greater scale, trying to meet the high expectation of Korean Wave fans. One of the changes from the previous event is the extension of the length of the event to two days, reflecting the view that a one day-event was not enough to enjoy the festival at full length. The event also enhances the introduction of diverse cultural contents such as K-Pop music, drama, movie, food, fashion and beauty. In addition, Korea’s top music chart show Mcountdown will present its first fantastic stage at LA. KCON 2013 also extends the opportunity for fans to participate and meet with Korean artists. Overall, KCON 2013 has improved the internal programs to fit its concept of hands-on experience and communication.

As the news of KCON 2o13 released, Korean Wave fans in the US, as well as audiences who had experienced the festival last year, welcomed the news with warm response. That is because fans can experience KCON by watching, listening and feeling the Korean pop culture that they had have only via the Internet and TV. Interestingly, interest about Korea, which started in the popularity of the Korean music and drama, has now spread to the entire K-pop culture.

Indeed, KCON 2012 that was held at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine for the first time in the US and attracted not only the fans of the Korean pop culture, but also more than 100 local media outlets, including CNN, Billboard and Insider and other Asian media providers which have a great interest in K-Pop. They reported the news of KCON to be held in LA, showing the high interest in the festival. In addition, Korean companies which plan to enter into the US market and Korean media have shown a high interest in KCON festival, making KCON a new platform and bridgehead that will lead the export of K-pop contents and the global creative economy, beyond a simple Korean Wave event.

Director Jae-Sang Whang from Global Business Team at CJ E&M’s Broadcast BU said, “The Korean Wave started with the popularity of Korean dramas and has moved with Korean Pop music for the last few years. Now it has extended to the overall Korean pop culture and contributed to the rapid emergence of K-Culture as new global cultural trend. KCON is held at an opportune time and we expect that it will play an important role in spreading Korean pop culture contents and expanding business related to the Korean Wave in the US market, as well as in the global market.” He went on saying, “KCON 2013 is bigger and has more diverse contents than last year’s event. We will make the event a place of unique experiences, where Korean Wave fans can meet and communicate with Korean artists and Korean culture.”

KCON is CJ Group’s (President Jae-Hyun Lee) largest K-culture festival in the US and is designed to spread the Korean Wave at a bigger and wider scale; the first KCON was held last year in 2012. KCON is a place where global fans of the Korean Wave can experience Korean pop culture. Unlike previous one-off events, KCON is a festival that focuses on the direct experience for the global fans of Korean pop culture, and is quickly proving a definite hit.