bibigo recognized in Britain!


CJ CheilJedang’s bibigo has racked up yet another considerable success in becoming recognized as a leading Korean food brand in the British market. bibigo was awarded the prestigious title of Tesco Supplier of the Year, which is an annual award granted to the best brands selected by the British retail giant. The award is given to the top Tesco suppliers to have best implemented marketing activities while still achieving good sales revenues. The awardees are presented at the annual Tesco Trade Conference, with over a thousand suppliers attending hoping to carve out their own name in the ranks of such illustrious previous winners which include Coca Cola, Nestle and Motorola.

bibigo won the newly formed Emerging Market & World Foods category award. It scored particularly highly for having the best sales of any of the newly entered brands in the category and for carrying out consistent sampling events at points of contact. bibigo’s fast inventory replenishment has gone down well with consumers, a factor which was also widely praised. bibigo has gained popularity for its Korean style dumpling, unique for its thin skin and thick stuffing, as well as its barbeque sauce.

The World Foods category, in which bibigo competes, is highly competitive with foods from all over the world, including Asian cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese and Indian, as well as Polish and Mexican. bibigo’s achievement is made all the more significant by the fact that it officially started supplying to Tesco only eight months ago, back in October 2012.

The British market is less resistant to new foods from different cultures than other European markets. It shows higher preference for Asian cuisine and therefore has greater potential for growth. Realizing such potential, bibigo has made efforts to promote Korean cuisine by conducting diverse promotions and sampling events as well as attending international cultural events such as the Thames Festival. On top of such efforts, bibigo has carried out a global campaign since April. Called ‘PSYGO BIBIGO’, the campaign sees bibigo team up with the global pop sensation Psy, a Korean singer, to help globalize Korean cuisine.

With the winning of the award, bibigo plans to be even more aggressive in its plans to expand its market presence in Britain. It plans to double the number of Tesco supermarkets that it supplies from the current 23 to 50 within the first half of this year. bibigo envisages positioning itself through this strategy as the leading Korean food brand, as well as a go-to brand for Asian cuisine on the streets of the UK.

“It is very encouraging that the award confirms us the potential growth of bibigo in the UK,” commented Director Jae-Hyuk Ryu in charge of CJ CheilJedang’s bibigo. “We are not at all complacent about winning this one award, but take it as a call to arms to implement even more aggressive marketing so that we can truly be the best brand of all food brands at Tesco.”