TOUS les JOURS, held a Korean Wave Experience Event inviting Indonesian customers



Indonesian TOUS les JOURS customers visited Korean passing through more than 1:26,000 of competition rate and watched K-POP performance and toured a complex food service culture, CJ Food World and other spots which is a base for K-FOOD.


TOUS les JOURS (, which is run by CJ FOOD Ville, said on February 15 that it invited 6 Indonesian customers and 3 best employees of TOUS les JOURS to Korea to commemorate 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relation with Indonesia and held experience event.  

Indonesian TOUS les JOURS customers, who visited Korea with 4 days 3 nights of itinerary, come from various classes such as youth in their 20s and housewives in their 30s. They, started with Namisum (An island in river) where a famous drama, was filmed, toured major tourist spots such as National Folklore Museum, Namsan N Tower, Myeong-dong, Insadong and streets of Gangnam station and spent their schedule visiting TOUS les JOURS in CJ Food World in Toegyero 5 street and watching K-POP performance and then went back to Indonesia. An Indonesian customer, Selvy Ayu (age of 32), said Not only has TOUS les JOURS well been known but also Korean culture such as drama, K-POP and other cultures are well known in Indonesia. Moreover, I am very pleased to visit here by myself and Especially I am very impressed to taste Bibimbap of Bibigo which is worth comparison of various products of TOUS les JOURS and an Indonesian food, Nasi Goreng


A person in TOUS les JOURS in Indonesia said This travel event to Korea attracted peoples attentions very much enough that number of application reached 80,000 and .
We will make efforts to publicize Korea as good image and feel together Korean culture in doing overseas businesses
TOUS les JOURS entered Indonesian market on December, 2011, and currently runs 10 shops while it is positioned as a leading bakery brand in Indonesia.