CJ O Shopping opened Turkey MCJ!




CJ O Shopping ( officially opened ‘MCJ’ December 5, in Turkey and is schedule to initiate its full-fledged home shopping business in Turkey for the first time in Korean Home shopping company. MCJ is a joint company with a total of 18 million Dollars of capital co-funded by CJ O Shopping and a Turkey broadcasting media group (MediaSa) and started 24 hour’s broadcasting service for all Turkey areas from last 5th.



The first day, this company aired Korean products such as ‘Double Double shoes arrangement bench’ and ‘LG projector’ and popular kitchen and life products in Turkey such as VILEDA, FAKIR and ARZUM and also it is scheduled to show hit products of small and medium companies in Korea such as ‘Magic Hanger’, ‘Home power laundry drying bench’ whose competitiveness is proved by other overseas platforms of CJ O Shopping and also show Korea brands that attract popularity in Turkey.



MCJ is expected to be very competitive to acquire initial viewers and attract new customers in 80 of visible households as its contents are broadcasted via Turksat and DigiTurk which are free satellite broadcasting. All processes including production introduction via broadcasting, consulting, ordering and receipt by call center and delivery service are operated by my same methods as home shopping in Korea.  Products to be advertised by broadcasting will be initially focused on global brands and premium brands and then will be gradually extended into Turkey local brands and brands of superior small and medium in Korea. CJ O Shopping started internet shopping mall businesses simultaneously by considering characteristics of Turkey markets where on-line shopping market including the distribution rate of internet and TV home shopping is rapidly growing. Under this environment, MCJ plans to achieve 30 billions of sales for year 2013 and more than 80 billions of sales for year 2015 and furthermore to become No.1 on line shopping company in Turkey within 5 years. MCJ said “Turkey is a market with infinite potentials that recorded 9 of economic growth and more than 50 of growth in shopping markets in 2011” and “We will be positioned as a differentiated strong company of distribution businesses based on successful businesses in China, India and South East Asia with Korean style home shopping know how”

MCJ’s opening of home shopping has its great meaning from the fact that it prepared a new opportunity for Korea’s home shopping industry named global home shopping bent by acquiring bridgehead to enter home shopping markets in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia beyond Asian market. In the meantime, although domestic home shopping companies including CJ O Shopping entered several countries such as China, Vietnam and Thailand, CJ O Shopping is the first company that entered Europe market which is said be an advanced distribution market. CJ O Shopping plans to enter Europe and its surrounding countries within 5 years primarily based on MJC.



CJ O Shopping seems to be positioned as a company with high customer reliability and satisfaction based on globally successful business know how, differentiated broadcasting contents and capability of product sourcing in turkey home shopping market whose scale is small and product quality and diversity is still not satisfactory. Moreover, the stability of future businesses of CJ O Shopping is also expected to be secured as its co-funder company is a family company of Sabanci which is a very famous company in Turkey. The CEO of CJ O Shopping, Lee Hae Sun, said “The biggest outcome is the first market entry by stable business model which is a joint company with media group in Turkey market whose cultures and business environments are different from us” and “MCJ will be an important cornerstone for full-fledged market entry for Europe in the future” and “We will facilitated its speed to jump up to become a global No.1 home shopping”.