2012 MAMA showed an essence of Asian Music Festival !



Hong Kong has been melted down by Asian Music festival, and music fans in 85 countries from all over the world were enthusiastic for this huge music festival.


2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (Hereafter refer to 2012 MAMA) that is an event to summary Asian music in this year is magnificently opened in Hong Kong HKCEC (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center) PM 5:00 Nov 30 (Friday)

. This event showed an essence of music festival from very famous musicians representing Korea, USA, China and Taiwan.  In 2012 MAMA, there were awards from a total of 21 areas (excluding non-competing parts) such as this year’s song, this year’s album and this year’s singer for musicians who made Asia shining. Moreover there were series of very gorgeous performances from musicians that couldn’t be omitted, which pushed music fans in all over the world in a fever.


 ‘This year’s song award’ among 3 grand prizes in 2012 MAMA was ‘Gangnam style of Psy’ and ‘This year’s album award’ was Sexy, Free & Single of Super Junior and ‘This year’s singer award’ was ‘Bing Bang’. Psy was awarded with triple crowns: ‘This year’s song award’, ‘Best dance performance solo’ and ‘Best music video award’ Super Junior acquired double crown including ‘Best global men’s group award’ and Bing Bang also acquired  double crown including ‘Men’s group award’. ‘We’d like to most appreciate our fans all over the world who always believe and love us” and “We’ll make more efforts for better performance to compensate for this wonderful award” said Taeyang of Big Bang. 


 “We’re very appreciating this award following the last year’s award” and “We’d like to express special thanks to our members, Siwon, Heecheol and Iteuk more than anything else and we also give our thanks to fans who supported us with aid” expressed Super Junior shining with ‘This year’s album award’ and added “We’ll make more efforts to play a role for a singer from Republic of Korea and we’d like to have this award of next year as well”.


Lastly, Psy, who received “This year’s song award’, said “The reason who I was beloved very much this year is that junior singers have made Korean Pop well known for world people and I’d like to give my thanks to them especially in this event” and “I’d like to give this award to singers of Republic of Korea” added he.


 [2012 MAMA] announced its start by opening very strong co-performance enough to be the largest award ceremony in Asia. The co-performance of ‘Dangyenjung’, which is a theme song of ‘A Better Tomorrow (1986)’ played with late ‘Jang Kuk Young’ in the screen, is a very dynamic performance following a beautiful piano melody and immediately attracted audience’s attentions, which is played by an actor, Song Joong Gi, Jeong Jae Il of Geeks, G-dragon and Ailee of Big Bang, PIA, B.A.P and Bang Young Kook. A preposterous performance from a sexy singer representing Korea, Kain, SISTAR, Hyunah and Jang Hyun Seong also attracted audience’s eyes. Kain showed a performance of ‘Swing dance’ well harmonized with her popular song ‘Blossom’ and SISTAR spurted her fascinating attraction by re-interpreting this year’s very popular song ‘Alone’ with an ardent Tango music. Hyunah and Hyunseong whose kiss performance heated MAMA very much in last year attracted audience’s attentions with their “Trouble making’ again with more matured performance. There were also performances by world class artists. B.o.B enhanced the meaning of [2012 MAMA] with a special joint performance with Seo In Young and K will. Seo In Young who opened a cannon fire bragging her appearance of Diva, astonished world music fans signing ‘Airplane’ with B.o.B. B.o.B opened a performance binding people a single body singing a popular song, ‘Nothin on You’ with K will who is powerfully singing. 


In addition, a fantastic performance by an explosive singing power from Adam Lambert who is a second place of ‘American Idol Season 8’ and is also called male-version of Lady GaGa attracted people’s attentions. Performances by Chinese based stars were also best ones. A Chinese singer and actor, Wang Leehom sang ‘Nibujidojeoksa’ very passionately playing a piano by himself and then switched into a bright mood, which made the stage very hot. Li Yuchun, who is a winner of “Beginning leveled woman’ that is Chinese version of Super Star K, made her fans very amused singing “Hello Baby” very passionately showing her distinctive attraction. A performance with big singers leading world K-POP also heated [2012 MAMA] very much. Psy, who acquired the largest number of awards in [2012 MAMA] , showed his popularity as a world star with ‘Gangnam Style’  Especially he overwhelmed the stage showing horse dancing with 150 dancers including Hyunah who appeared in Psy’s music video. Audience enjoyed a passionate festival singing ‘Gangnam style’ and ‘Horse dancing’ following Psy. Big Bang made a very special stage in a way that all members sang together ‘Crayon’ of G-dragon that is newly arranged. They also made the stage go wild showing ‘Fantastic Baby’ with very distinctive cloths and performance. Super Junior attracted audience’s eyes appearing from a space performance and showed ‘Spy’, ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ with Black night performance. EXO re-interpreted performances of men’s groups such as ‘Descendants of warrior ‘ of H.O.T and  ‘Mirotic’ of Dongbangshingi which enjoyed the best popularity while they were powerfully appearing with ‘MAMA’ that is best fitted with [2012 MAMA]

SHINee attracted people’s attentions showing their dance tuned with a remix version of Lucifer and Sherlock in line with those who are awarded with the best dance performance men’s group. A performance shown by Epik High with Lee Hi also heated the stage very much. Lee Hi, who is a rising Cinderella in Korea’s music industry, showed a featuring of ‘Cold’ made by Epik High, which in turn attracted eyes and ears of audience filling the stage and viewers.  


Next, Epik High immediately overwhelmed the stage with ‘Don’t hate me’ that is very distinctive with rhythmical rock beat and hip hop rhythm. Especially in this performance, Tablo, Mithra Jin and Tukutz reproduced villains of ‘Joker’, ‘Bane’ and ‘Two Face’ respectively in the movie, “Batman”, which made the stage very rhythmical mood in line with hip hop bad body. In addition, in a joint performance by Park Jin Young and Jang Woo Young, Jang Woo Young showed wonderful dancing with ‘Sexy lady’, ‘DJ Got me Going Crazy’ and followed by ‘Only you’ from Park Jin Young who digested it by jazz and rock version, which resulted in a great response from audience. 

The two singers much more enhanced fever by their fantastic performance singing ‘Gonna make you sweat’ together.


Roy Kim, who appeared in the stage thanks to an additional prize from a winner of , showed a stage filled with passion and excitement enough to be a winner. He made audience spurt hot acclamation with his sweet voice as well as a powerful singing from his self-composed song ‘Grazed’ and “Who’s life” of Leessang.


A very passionable collaboration stage with Koran hip hop musicians pushed music fans into a fantastic mood. ZICO of the group, Block B made by Choe PD, started a hip hop stage with his distinctive rap.  LOCO, a winner of ‘Show me the money’ that is a hip hop audition program, and Double K showed an excellent performance mixed with traditional music and hip hop while Dynamic Duo showed rhythmical hip hop stage. Next,  “Checking attendance” which is sung by Dynamic Duo, Davichi, Double K, ZICO and LOCO amused audience very much with its strong beat. 


In addition, Asian stars including Natthew, a high teen star from Thailand and an Korea and Chinese idol group, Timez fascinated audiences with their splendid performance and majestic stage. Moreover, stars of Korean Wave, Song Seung Hun, Jeong Woo Sung, and Song Joong Gi who has risen as ‘a popular male star’ these days and also stars, Choi Jo Woo, Han Chae Young and Han Ye Seul made the stage more shining.


Red carpet event for 2 hours before main stage showed sexy and stylish fashions by best Asian stars. Keyword embroidered the red carpet was just “Black” and various all black from handsome and beautiful starts attracted audience’s eyes. A girl group, SISTAR and F(X) showed back fashion well matched with each member while actresses, Han Ye Seul and Han Chae Young showed dress styled outfits with elegancy and sexuality. 


Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung Hun, Jung Il Woo and Roy Kim amused reviewers very much with their dandy black suits. Besides this, Song Joong Gi, Lee Hi and Cho Yun Hee showed distinctive fashions with back checked patterns. 2012 MAMA in that day is reported to be watched by 2.3 billions of people from 85 countries including Korea and Hong Kong in the world. It was an international event which has ever acquired the widest coverage of a single program in Korea.

Hong Kong ground wave channel TVB and FIC(FOX International Channels)

This event was live broadcasted to 16 countries such as USA, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia while Hong Kong ground wave channel TVB and FIC (FOX International Channels) have participated in this event. In addition, it is scheduled to be displayed by filmed TV broadcast for 69 countries such as European countries including France, Finland, Greece and Netherland, and Arab emirates and Bangladesh. Moreover, the event could be watched in everywhere in the world through 20 online platforms including global In the previous year, 2011 MAMA was broadcasted by 20 countries and viewed by world music fans through 13 online platforms. However it has become an international music event acquiring significant coverage only for 1 year.  A press conference held before the event, 300 reporters from 200 major international presses such as CNN, AP, CCTV, Reuter and EPA including 50 domestic presses participated in the event, which proved that the event is a very hot issue.