CJ E&M, Newly dressed up by ‘Channel M Asia’



tvN  Asia, which is positioned as the best Asia Korean Wave entertainment channel successfully spreading out Korean Wave contents such as MAMA( Mnet Asian Music Awards), global M countdown and K-Con, is newly changed and well dressed up into a dedicated K-Culture leading Korean Wave culture, ‘Channel M Asia’ looking for viewers of Asia. 


 “Channel M Asia will air its contents to 10 Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Australia and Indonesia by its new global brand since 7 PM, 23rd, Nov (As of Korean local time) Channel M Asia will be growing to be the only K-Culture channel representing Korea beyond Asia in a way that the channel enhances its own Korean Wave contents with Korean food, fashion, beauty, drama, music and cinema which Asian admire” said Channel M Asia.  “English upper case, M in the channel name symbolizes Mnet which is reborn as Asia’s representative music channel. And we strongly believe that Mnet brand, which contributed to a position of K-POP, will be also very successful for world market as its brand identify is high in the world.


A brand ‘M’ has been actively used for a global concert, M LIVE and it’s believed to create synergy for various areas as a global brand representing CJ E&M” added CJ E&M. tvN Asia, which faces 3rd anniversary in this year since it was opened, has been beloved by lots of Asian viewers creating syndrome of Korean Wave with its distinctive content formats and other unique attempts by airing contents for 1o Asian countries including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.


 Channel M Asia has its ambitious plan to deliver plentiful cultural contents such as very distinctive format of programs, drama, lifestyle, concerts and movies as well as localized contents custom tailored to viewers from all over the world regarding this new re-branding as a good opportunity.  Re-branding of Channel M Asia will be started on full fledged basis from November, 24th (Saturday) when Asian audition program for K-POP is first aired. Moreover, a huge scaled project, <2012 MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards)> representing Channel M Asia will be live broadcasted in 7 PM, Nov 30 (Friday) for Korea, South East Asia, Japan and USA simultaneously to please eyes and ears of world people who have great ambitions toward K-Culture.


The best drama in 2012, < Respond 1997> which created syndrome of 1990s and passions toward restoration, will be aired for the first time in Asia.