VIPS, also successful in China!




Hit menus of VIPS, which have been beloved for 13 years for domestic customers, attracted Chinese picky tastes. As its unit price is higher than Korea, which indicates premium VIPS strategy is well working and more than half of customers are reported to order steak. Premium steak house VIPS ( , which first entered China market (Lidu in Beijing) last September as a food service brand of CJ Foodville, said “The most popular menu in China is ‘VIPS steak’ and ‘Smoked duck & Orange Salad’. VIPS steak is a hit menu that has been beloved very much for 14 years from 1997 when VIPS was launched in 1997 to 2010 when menus of VIPS are renewed. This menu is proved for its popularity in Korea while it is beloved by China as well and shows exclusive No.1 steak among 10 kinds of steaks available in China.


A person in VIPS said “VIPS steak is a menu that well reflected tastes of Chinese who have repulsion against steak gravy, and current trends of Korean traditional foods in China as it is treated by marinade with Bulgogi sauce” and “Especially, Bulgogi sauce seems to be popular attracting tastes of Chinese who love sweet taste along with Korean taste” In addition to the popularity of “VIPS steak”, the preference for steak is shown to be high enough to indicate almost 50 of ordering it. Therefore, average sale per one customer (unit price per customer) shows 10,000 WON higher than in Korea. Especially as there are many customers enjoying beer and wine along with steak, liquors are also showing more than 3 times of sales than in Korea, which is one of reasons contributing to higher unit price per a customer.


Among salads, ‘Smoked duck & orange salad’ which is newly introduced only for Chinese shops reflecting tastes of Chinese people who like duck is shown to be most popular followed by fried chicken, forge pizza and pesto short pasta salad. VIPS held an even ‘Quiz to identity Chinese brand for VIPS’ under the name of ‘Delicious happiness enjoyed with lovers’ from Oct 15 to Oct 17 to memory one month since its opening in China and celebrate its high popularity and provided lots of gifts such as tickets for Ocean World and VIPS steak.


A person in VIPS said “VIPS has been successfully positioned in a month in China for the first time in industries thanks to its differentiated services and localized menus” and “We will show our competitiveness of a native family restaurant all over China based on know how acquired from the first shop in China”